Cracked Teeth: Things You Just Didn’t Realize

One of those things you would love to avoid in your lifetime is a cracked tooth. It doesn’t sound very pleasant, you know that it will require some serious restorative care or can even lead to tooth loss when the crack is severe, and you’re pretty much happy to do what it takes to prevent it. However, beyond knowing that you shouldn’t ever bite down on anything obviously cement-like, you may be missing some details. Our Southlake, TX team, of course, is more than pleased to fill you in on some things that you just didn’t realize but that you need to know.

It’s All About “Tough” Foods, Too

Yes, of course, hard foods are a major culprit when we’re talking about ending up with a cracked tooth. Try to bite into food that is rock-hard and most of the time, the rock is going to come out the victor and your tooth the loser! However, you may not have ever realized that tough foods also offer a lot of resistance when you try to bite into them. If your tooth isn’t in tip-top condition, this may result in you dealing with breakage! What types of foods might this include? Think about items like super tough breads and tough meat!

It’s All About Weak Teeth Versus Strong

Your teeth can be weak or they can be strong. Weakness is associated with a lack of oral health and with damage to any of its structure, including the enamel (which can become worn down due to issues like bruxism or acid erosion). Strength is associated with good oral health and optimal structure. How to maintain strong teeth that are less likely to break? Use toothpaste with fluoride. Brush and floss. Keep up with preventive care with us. So easy!

It’s All About Whole Teeth Versus Damaged

You may not really think about the fact that a tooth with a cavity in it isn’t as strong as a tooth without a cavity in it. However, when you reflect upon any structure that’s missing part of its material, you know it’s more delicate than if it were complete. This is true of teeth, too. Bite into a hard cookie with a healthy or restored tooth, no problem. Bite into that same cookie when you really need a filling and you may end up with a cracked tooth. This is why checkups and following through on restorative care so immensely important.

Avoid Tooth Cracks With Our Preventive Care

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