Month: November 2017

Christmas Fun For Your Smile

You’ve probably got a list a mile long of things you need to do. You know that you shouldn’t be eating too much sugar because it can lead to problems with your oral health if you’re not careful. So, why not let loose and let yourself have a little bit of fun (that happens to… Read more »

Porcelain Veneers: 2 Good Excuses

You already know, if you’re looking for very good reasons to schedule porcelain veneers for yourself, that they can offer your smile a lot when it comes to esthetic improvements. However, you might still feel like you need a compelling excuse to give yourself to move ahead with your plans. Maybe the investment or the… Read more »

Winter Lip Tips: Ready Or Not!

Whatever it is you think about your lip health (perhaps that they are simply immune to the extraordinary drying days and nights of winter), you will be sorry if you do not begin preparing now! It is much easier to prevent dry, peeling, cracking, uncomfortable lips than it is to try to save them once… Read more »

December: Write A List For Your Teeth

It’s nearly December! You know what that means. No more joking around about needing to buy and wrap gifts, plan, and get going. The time is now! To make sure your oral health isn’t left behind in the mix, we suggest you jot down a quick list to keep it a major priority! List Item… Read more »

Craft a Tale with Storytelling Club

As families gather and stories are shared, would you like to learn to be comfortable in front of others while spinning a tale?  Some people can naturally weave a delightful story, but there are skills to help keep a story interesting and an audience engaged. The Storytelling Club is led by master storyteller Gary Whitaker…. Read more »

Smile Care: Save Your Hands This Season

You may wonder why a dental practice is talking to you about your hands. Usually, we tell you all about your teeth and gums, your tongue, too, but not your hands! Take a moment to consider how much your hands are involved in your smile care and you’ll realize that we just might be onto… Read more »

Tooth-Colored Fillings: A Speedy Quiz!

We know, you don’t have time to sit around all day taking quizzes about tooth-colored fillings and the like. However, if you’ve got some decay that requires attention ASAP but you’re not doing much about it, we feel it is our duty to remind you that this beautiful restorative treatment is something you most certainly… Read more »

Reminder: Why Relying On Pain Doesn’t Always Work

Sometimes, our patients need some reminders. When it comes to the belief that you only need dental care when something hurts, this is one of those times! You see, pain can be an indicator that something is wrong with your oral health, of course. However, it’s not necessarily the tried-and-true, steadfast, reliable alert that you… Read more »

Prosthetics: How To Track Their Wear

When you receive your dental crown, dental bridge, denture, etc., the initial experience is a pristine one. Everything fits beautifully. The materials are brand new. They crown or device looks exceptional and functions wonderfully. However, you may wonder to yourself how you’re supposed to know if it’s becoming damaged, if it’s wearing out, if you… Read more »

Annual Leaf Recycling Pickup

Do you feel guilty when you bag up autumn leaves and put them out for trash pickup because they’re natural and can degrade back to the earth over time (but you just don’t want them in your yard)? No problem. Participate in the upcoming Annual Leaf Recycling Program and the city will recycle them for… Read more »