Restorative Dentistry: Your Questions

How much have you learned about restorative dentistry so far as a dental patient? You are probably aware of the fact that we offer a variety of treatments to restore your oral health when something goes wrong. However, particularly when we suggest a treatment, you may find yourself full of questions. For instance, do you really need to see us as soon as possible for the restoration? Can we help with any type of damage or just particular issues? We encourage you to remember that all questions are good questions – until we see you in our office, allow us to offer answers to FAQs that come up regarding restorative care.

Q&A: Restorative Dentistry

Question: Is it really that important for me to schedule my filling, crown, or other restorative dentistry treatment right away? Won’t my tooth remain the same until I treat it?

Answer: Yes, it is important to act with urgency. Most problems are either progressive (such as tooth decay or infection) or leave your tooth vulnerable to further damage (such as a fracture or break). Visit us right away or your problem will likely become worse.

Question: Can you help me replace missing teeth with restorative dentistry? Or does restorative care only focus on fixing problems with teeth that are still in place?

Answer: Of course, we can replace teeth. The goal of restorative dentistry is to restore your oral health, which means repairing damage, removing problems, and completing your smile.

Question: What if I have a severely infected tooth or my tooth is too damaged to fix or cover? Can you help me?

Answer: Yes. We will likely need to remove the tooth with a dental extraction. Don’t worry – we will craft a plan to replace your tooth with a beautiful dental prosthetic.