The Significance of Children’s Dentistry

Your child needs dental care just like you do. However, because your child’s teeth have just begun to develop, you may not realize how important it is to bring your child in to see us for preventive care. First things first, we suggest that you begin scheduling children’s dentistry appointments for your child by your son or daughter’s first birthday or when a first tooth arrives. The sooner we take a look at your child’s oral health and start planning for the future, the better protected your child’s lovely smile becomes. Find out more about why scheduling visits is so important:

Dental Care Protects Speech

Articulating words is a complex process that your child will experience as he or she grows. Creating words is partially dependent upon the use of your child’s teeth. If those teeth develop poorly or are absent as the result of disease or other problems, it may adversely affect your child’s speech development. By visiting us consistently, we can ensure teeth develop properly.

Children’s Dentistry Protects Future Smiles

Not worried about your child’s baby teeth because they will eventually fall out anyway? It’s important to think long-term when it comes to children’s dentistry. Baby teeth as act placeholders, which guide permanent teeth during developing. In addition, a diseased baby tooth may result in a damaged permanent tooth below. By keeping smiles healthy the moment they begin to develop, you offer protection for proper growth.

Early Detection Makes Treatment Easier

Waiting until your child has a problem may result in the need for complex, costly treatment. By scheduling checkups, you provide your child with the gift of prevention. The sooner we detect issues, the easier it is to prevent damage and to use noninvasive techniques for optimal health and comfort. Keep in mind, our priority is always to offer your child a comfortable, relaxing experience with children’s dentistry.


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