FAQs About Tooth Extractions

Compared to other restorative dentistry options, tooth extraction isn’t exactly a popular procedure, although it is more common than many people realize. Typically, the point of taking care of your teeth is to avoid losing them, but there are times when extracting the tooth is preferable to trying to save it. To help you understand, and hopefully avoid, the need for one, we answer a few common questions about tooth extractions and how they might save your oral health.

Tooth Extraction Questions

Why would I need a tooth extraction?

It’s usually a last resort, but there are several reasons that could lead to the need for a tooth extraction. If a tooth is too damaged or diseased to be saved, then extracting it might prove the most efficient option. Extreme cases that could call for a tooth extraction might include;

  • A fractured tooth root
  • Severe tooth infection (tooth decay)
  • Impacted wisdom tooth
  • Severe gum disease (which erodes the supportive tissues and bone structure around your teeth)

Is there an alternative to extracting the tooth?

If a removal is recommended, then it means that there’s no other way to save the tooth or the teeth and tissues around it. However, you can avoid most situations that require the procedure by practicing good hygiene and visiting your dentist regularly to prevent dental diseases from forming.

If a tooth is extracted, do I have to replace it?

Losing a tooth has serious consequences for your dental health. The remaining teeth will have to take up the slack, which could lead to damaged and/or shifting teeth, as well as an increased risk of other issues. Replacing the tooth helps prevent the problems associated with tooth loss, and is usually recommended following an extraction. The notable exception is impacted wisdom teeth, which are the four last molars to erupt and often cause problems due to overcrowding.


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