“Oh No, I Chipped a Tooth!”

In movies and skit comedy shows, someone tripping over their own feet and chipping a tooth can be humorous (if written into the script properly). After the show, however, the comedian can take off the makeup and walk off stage or camera with a full set of whole, healthy teeth. In life, where dental damage is real and permanent, a chipped tooth isn’t as funny, and neither are the dangers your tooth is exposed to because of the damage. Fortunately, your Southlake dentists have a wealth of experience and a wide range of options for restoring a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth so you can enjoy laughing again.

Is My Tooth in Danger?

In most cases, if your chipped tooth isn’t in pain, then it isn’t in immediate danger. In fact, many people endure a chipped tooth for years before deciding, or needing, to have it repaired. However, the enamel around your teeth and the dentin that makes up the majority of your tooth’s structure can’t repair themselves when damaged. What may start as a mere cosmetic blemish can worsen from the pressures of biting and chewing, exposing the nerves at the center of your tooth (pulp). Even if your chipped tooth doesn’t hurt yet, Dr. Wright and Dr. Heron advise seeking treatment to avoid more extensive damage in the future.

How Can You Fix It?

If the piece that chipped off of your tooth is small enough, then we may be able to restore its appearance with a noninvasive dental bonding. Dr. Wright or Dr. Heron can bond tooth-colored composite resin to the affected area of the tooth, then sculpt and polish the bonding until it discreetly reestablishes the chipped tooth’s contour. For more noticeable damage, you might require a porcelain dental crown, or cap, which can be placed completely over the tooth in question. Porcelain crowns are tinted and layered to mimic a patient’s natural tooth color and the shine of their tooth enamel.


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