Worried About Your Smile? Drinking More Water May Help

example of a senior woman caring for her health by drinking waterPoor daily choices can make it difficult for you to avoid problems with dental discoloration and tooth decay, even if you are consistent with your oral hygiene habits. Even a great brushing and flossing routine can be undermined by an unhealthy diet, as well as by problems with dehydration. You may be surprised at how the act of drinking more water can help you with your oral health as well as your general well-being. When you are better hydrated, you can make it easier for your body to produce saliva, which delivers natural protection to your teeth. Choosing water as a substitute for flavored beverages can also help you, as this choice can effectively cut out sources of sugar and teeth-staining particles. Our Southlake, TX dentist’s office wants patients to recognize that good daily habits, along with consistent dental care, can make it easier to avoid problems that require restorative dental work!

Is Dehydration Increasing Your Cavity Risk?

What connects dehydration and dental decay? One reason people sometimes have a tough time avoiding cavities is because they have less natural protection for their teeth. If you often experience problems with dehydration, you are more likely to have difficulties with dry mouth. These periods where your body is not producing a comfortable amount of saliva are periods where you have less natural support for your teeth. Saliva washes away food debris, it can neutralize acids, and it can even help you fight the accumulation of oral bacteria. Without its help, your teeth can have a more difficult time staying healthy until your next dental exam.

Choosing Water Over Other Drink Options

Think of water as more than just something to drink when you are thirsty – consider it for meals and snacks, too. By dropping soft drinks in favor of water, you expose your enamel to less sugar over time, and also cut back on your interaction with acidic items that can soften and weaken teeth. Soft drinks, coffee, tea, red wine, and other beverages that are dark or rich in color can also be a cosmetic problem, as they can leave teeth stains.

Your Daily Choices Can Have A Long-Term Impact On Your Oral Health

There are choices you make throughout the day that make you more or less likely to need a dental filling or dental crown at your next routine dental visit. Obviously, you should stick to a committed oral care routine on a daily basis to fight bacteria and food particles. You should also take care to reduce your risk for dental problems by choosing meals and snacks that are low in sugar, and packed with more nutrients. A varied, healthy diet can help your teeth stay healthy!

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