Teeth Whitening: Too Old? Or Not?

When you get older, your teeth may become discolored. This might happen because after years of using those teeth of yours, they are bound to pick up some amount of staining, which yields yellowing or a dimmed finish. Or, if you’re someone who has smoked or had a very close relationship with coffee or tea, the staining may be prominent. Whatever the case, your desire for teeth whitening may be met with a single question: Am I too old? The short answer to your inquiry is “nope!” For the details, stick around.

Whitening And Your Age

It’s possible to be too young for teeth whitening. After all, we generally don’t apply treatments that are cosmetic in nature to young, developing teeth. It is very important to protect them until they have finished growing. For adults, however, the age limit does not exist. Whether you’re 25, 35, or 105, there’s no particular number that is better suited to an improved smile.

Whitening And Your Oral Health

This is what you should focus on when asking yourself whether you may make a good candidate for teeth whitening. Leave your age out of the picture and instead, ask yourself how your teeth are doing. Are they healthy? If so, you will probably qualify! If not, you might need other types of dental care first (you may need to get back on track with prevention and take care of problems with restorative care). Then, qualifying for whitening or another appropriate cosmetic treatment to address discoloration will be easy!

Whiten Up Your Smile At Any Age With Our Help

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