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Is Your Tooth Decaying?

Decay means to deteriorate, or rot, and might seem extreme when describing a mere cavity. The truth, though, is that decay is exactly what happens when bacteria are allowed to infect your tooth structure, which causes a cavity, or hole, to form. As a progressive issue, tooth decay can slowly consume your entire tooth if… Read more »

What an Abscess Means for Your Tooth

You can usually gauge the severity of tooth decay by the amount of discomfort it causes your tooth. Slight tooth sensitivity could mean that the enamel around your teeth is compromised, and a cavity is bound to grow (if it hasn’t already) unless you seek treatment as soon as possible. On the other hand, a… Read more »

Why Treating Tooth Decay is Different for Everyone

Cavities aren’t fun. They can seriously take away from the joy of eating, or make everyday life just a little more uncomfortable. The threat of cavities can stop you from indulging in your favorite treats, even if you have no reason to diet. When tooth decay develops, treating it is essential to saving the tooth…. Read more »

The Molecular Battle for Your Teeth

Your smile looks great! It’s bright, it’s shiny, and it’s free of cosmetic blemishes, like stains and discoloration. Yet, every day, your teeth fight a battle against usually-unseen forces that threaten to destroy them. Fortunately, modern dental hygiene products and techniques are designed to aid your teeth in their fight, either by strengthening them or… Read more »