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Southlake CPR Classes Teach Life-Saving Skills

If your New Year’s resolution was to learn a new skill, choose one that could save someone’s life – literally! The City of Southlake is offering an American Heart Association CPR/AED class this Saturday, January 17 from 8 am to 12 pm. The class is free and open to everyone age 15 and above, although… Read more »

Dr. Gregory Wright Selected As Texas Super Dentist

Gregory Wright, DDS, of Southlake, Texas, has once again been selected as a Texas Super Dentist by Texas Monthly Magazine (an honor he’s been endowed with for the last several years). This recent accolade joins his selection last month by Fort Worth Magazine as one of the area’s top cosmetic dentists, exemplifying the excellence that… Read more »

Greg Wright Selected As Top Cosmetic Dentist

Fort Worth Magazine has announced that Greg Wright, DDS, of Southlake, Texas has been selected by his peers as one of 2014’s Top Cosmetic Dentists. Other dental doctors voted for those they believed to be the top of their field. Greg Wright, DDS, has been selected a Top Cosmetic Dentist since the survey began in… Read more »

When a Tooth Needs Extracting

Most people are well aware that impacted wisdom teeth need to be removed. But periodically, other teeth may need to be removed and extracted, as well. The reasons may be varied, but what does not change is the need for a dentist skilled in tooth extraction to maximize your care before, during, and after the… Read more »

How Your Dentist Can Help With Sleep Apnea

You may be one of the approximately 18 million Americans that suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a serious condition that, if not diagnosed, may lead to very severe medical issues. If you are a loud snorer, are often sleepy during the day, suffer from fatigue or insomnia, then the cause may be mild… Read more »

Achieving Whiter Teeth Is Simpler Than You May Imagine

In a poll conducted by the AACD, whiter teeth is on top of most people’s cosmetic wish list. If you’ve been thinking about consulting your dentist for teeth whitening, then you are not alone. More and more people are seeing the value of brighter teeth in their lives. If you’re tired of stained teeth, then… Read more »

Stop Dental Cavities from Worsening

Your teeth endure a lot of wear and tear. Eating alone places your teeth under great stress: constant chewing, hot and cold food, and toxins created by bacteria interacting with food. To keep teeth healthy, you have to practice good oral hygiene. Unfortunately, teeth can still develop cavities even after constant brushing and flossing. Dental… Read more »

Don’t Overlook Your Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is the part of your tooth that connects the pulp, or hollow chamber filled with living tissues, to the roots embedded in your jawbone. Root canal treatment is the process of cleaning and sanitizing the pulp and root canals when a bacterial infection (tooth decay) reaches the inside of your tooth. Though… Read more »

Is Your Smile Photo-Worthy for Summer?

Summer is just around the corner; another season of road trips, barbecues, and pool parties with your family and friends! Some of the greatest memories in a person’s life are made during summer, and since nearly everyone’s phone has a camera embedded in it, those memories are likely to be captured many times over. When… Read more »

Is It Time to Have Your Toothache Checked?

Toothaches occur for different reasons. Since people use their mouths for speaking, eating, and smiling, teeth undergo heavy weathering. The amount of substances that pass through the mouth is overwhelming. To put it in perspective, let’s examine the different ingredients and properties of a typical cheese burger; the burger patty contains fat and sodium, the… Read more »