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How to Brush for Optimal Dental Hygiene

It’s no secret that brushing your teeth is vital to your oral health, but when it comes to the right way to brush, you may be at a loss. Your dental hygiene depends on more than the frequency with which you brush your teeth (although this is certainly important). It also depends on your toothbrush,… Read more »

What Could Persistent Bad Breath Tell You?

Does your morning breath seem to hang around longer than it should? Besides the fact that it’s embarrassing, persistent bad breath could be more of a nuisance than you might realize. As one of the most common dental symptoms, bad breath could indicate a number of different issues, from poor hygiene to an underlying health… Read more »

Why Do Dentists Recommend Fluoride?

Chances are that you’ve heard of fluoride’s benefits to your oral health. After all, the mineral can be found in most major toothpaste brands and other dental hygiene products, and has been added to United States municipal water supplies since the mid-1900s. If you’ve ever been at risk for tooth decay, your dentist may have… Read more »

Tips for Better Dental Hygiene

Good hygiene is the cornerstone of good dental health. For many people, hygiene consists of little more than brushing and flossing their teeth twice a day. However, good hygiene involves more than what you do at the kitchen sink. Your toothbrush and floss can clean your teeth, but only when used properly. With a little… Read more »