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Stop Bad Breath in Its Tracks

There’s no denying it, there’s no hiding from it, and when it decides to stick around, there’s no ignoring it—bad breath is embarrassing. Though not a dental issue itself, bad breath can signify a number of things, from something as harmless as a pungent meal to something as serious as a chronic systemic disease. While… Read more »

Why Does Your Breath Smell?

If you eat, breathe with your mouth open, or you just aren’t consistent when it comes to your dental care, you might have bad breath, or halitosis. This can be a once-every-so-often situation, or it could be persistent, depending on what the cause is. Generally, most people wake up with “morning breath,” which is considered… Read more »

Sweet Magnolia Fights Bad Breath & Cavities!

How many ways can you fight bad breath? If you’re currently fighting halitosis, then that may be more than just a rhetorical question. Chronic bad breath can plague patients for a number of reasons, but usually stems from poor hygiene and an excess of oral bacteria. Some of the germs in your mouth, mainly the… Read more »