Put Problems With Tooth Loss Behind You

happy couple, example of people who enjoy their restored smilesAdjusting to a dental problem as significant as tooth loss can be difficult. In fact, many people who try to ignore the problem, or simply move on without arranging prosthetic dental work, can develop new issues over time because of their attempts to work around their incomplete smile. Something as basic as biting and chewing can become frustrating, as the effort to work around a gap in your smile can lead to pressure on your jaw joints and muscles. It can also lead to the loss of more teeth! You can talk with your Southlake, TX dentist about your history with tooth loss, and how it has affected your life. By doing so, you can learn about the many exciting benefits of receiving a permanent, lifelike prosthetic appliance!

Tooth Loss Can Be A Problem For Your Smile, And For Your Dental Function

A visible gap in your smile caused by tooth loss can be tough to ignore. Unfortunately, the problem can be a difficult one to adjust to even if it is relatively difficult to see this space. You can have a tough time biting and chewing because the teeth around your empty space are more vulnerable to movement, and therefore at a higher risk of being lost. You can also begin to experience pain when you bite and chew because your compromised dental function has started to cause problems for your jaw joints and muscles.

What Options Are Available To You If You Want To Restore Your Smile?

There is more than one dental restoration capable of permanently filling a gap in your smile. With a dental bridge, you can have a fixed appliance put in place without having to undergo oral surgery. The bridge remains in place thanks to a pair of dental crowns that are secured over teeth next to a gap. The appliance is carefully made to provide a custom fit, one that can remain comfortable and secure even as you use the restoration to bite and chew food. You also have the option of having a dental implant placed to hold a restoration. This can permanently support a prosthetic without affecting neighboring teeth, and it can have long-term health benefits for your jawbone that a bridge is not able to provide on its own.

Have You Developed Problems With Painful Or Stiff Jaw Movement?

If you have developed persistent problems with your bite alignment or function after tooth loss, treatment for TMJ disorder can help. It should be noted that this issue can be connected to troubles you might have developed with teeth grinding, a problem that can do further damage to your teeth if not treated.

Talk To Your Southlake, TX Dentist About Putting Tooth Loss Behind You!

Your Southlake, TX dentist’s office has experience caring for patients who have experienced tooth loss and are ready to restore their incomplete smile!

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