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Knock on Your Dentist’s Door After a Tooth Gets Knocked Out

Accidents happen. Even if your lifestyle isn’t very active, your tooth might still be accidentally knocked out due to a traumatic injury. There are plenty of incidents where a tooth could be knocked out of its socket: a rogue elbow on the basketball court; an accidental face-plant on a slippery pool-side; or even a forceful… Read more »

A Better Understanding of Tooth Loss

The more you know about your teeth, the better care you can give them. For instance, you brush and floss your teeth twice every day because you know the plaque that gathers on them can lead to dental diseases. What you don’t know, however, can also influence how you care for your smile. If you… Read more »

Three Serious Consequences of Severe Gum Disease

Tooth loss is an extreme consequence for most dental health issues, like cavities, gum disease, and sometimes, malocclusion (crooked teeth). In the case of gum disease, however, tooth loss isn’t the last consequence of neglect. In fact, its most severe form, known as periodontitis, has been linked to numerous ongoing health issues, mainly due to… Read more »

Is Your Toothache an Emergency?

How do you know if your toothache is a dental emergency? If you just recently suffered trauma to your face or mouth, then it likely is. Otherwise, a sensitive tooth might not seem like a dire situation, but if left ignored, it can quickly become one. Discomfort is your body’s way of telling you something’s… Read more »

Are Your Gums Going Somewhere?

The tightly-sealed tissue that surrounds the bottom halves of your teeth is the main protection for their roots. Unlike their crowns, your teeth’s roots aren’t protected by enamel, and when your gums begin to recede, they expose the vulnerable roots. Gum recession may occur gradually as you age, or can be exacerbated by dental diseases… Read more »

Your Guide Through a Dental Emergency

At some point in your life, you may face a dental emergency involving pain and/or damage to one or more of your teeth. The bad news is that, by definition, an emergency means it’s too late to protect your tooth from harm. The good news, however, is that if you don’t panic, and if you… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Leave a Knocked-Out Tooth to Chance

Teeth are frequently damaged or knocked out by accident. A fall, an automobile accident, or an unfortunate physical altercation can leave you with fewer teeth then you had at the beginning of the day. Even if it was lost to coincidence, though, you shouldn’t leave the fate of your knocked-out tooth, and the rest of… Read more »

A Good Reason to Stop Snoring

Your sleeping partner’s glares and complaints about the noise should be a good reason to try and stop snoring. If you don’t sleep with a partner, however, that doesn’t mean that your snoring habit is harmless. The noise is caused by a restriction in your breathing that forces the walls in your throat to vibrate…. Read more »

The Reason It’s Called a “Dental Filling”

A dental filling is exactly what it sounds like; a manmade material that Dr. Wright uses to fill a cavity left in your tooth by progressive tooth decay. Describing it may sound simple, but the unique nature of your teeth and how certain materials react make restoring your smile a delicate science. A cavity is… Read more »

Past and Present Dental Fillings

The dental filling is one of the more well-known restorations in modern dentistry, and has been a popular option for longer than many people realize. Designed to reinforce a tooth after it’s been treated for an infection, a dental filling serves a number of purposes, like protecting your tooth from further infection and improving its… Read more »