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Learning to Treat Gum Disease and Diabetes Simultaneously

It’s not exactly common knowledge that gum disease is closely related to type-2 diabetes, though typically, diabetics are aware of their increased need to maintain their good oral health. Nevertheless, more and more research continues to point to an increasingly significant, and important, link between the two chronic conditions. Experts have long known that inflammation… Read more »

Interesting Facts About Teeth, Beyond Hygiene

You don’t need to become a dentist to know the basics of caring for your teeth. Brushing and flossing them twice a day keeps them clean of plaque and food debris, and routine professional teeth cleanings help keep your teeth free of disease. However, there are more interesting facts about teeth than what you need… Read more »

Do You Snore? Take a Brief Sleep Apnea Assessment

You might not even know that you snore, unless you sleep with a partner who wakes you up so you can stop. Likewise, you might not know that your snoring is a sign of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) unless you seek a professional assessment. Marked by loud, distinct patterns of snoring, sleep apnea is a… Read more »

3 Ways to Prevent Cavities

Did you know that cavities are among the most common chronic diseases, affecting over 90% of adults in at least one of their permanent teeth? Whether you haven’t had one yet, or you have, but don’t wish to relive the experience, the good news is that cavities are not difficult to ward off. With the… Read more »

How Dental Implants Can Change Your Dentures

If you’ve worn conventional dentures for awhile, and have heard of dental implants, you may wonder exactly how the modern marvels could improve what are already advanced replacement teeth. Or, you might be curious whether or not the claims are true that dental implants can make your dentures feel more like natural teeth than ever… Read more »

Why is Gum Disease a Cause of Tooth Loss?

How do you know if you have gum disease? One of the most common symptoms is bleeding gums, though you might know beforehand if Dr. Wright and Dr. Heron detect the problem during your dental checkup and cleaning. If you wait long enough to treat them, however, your bleeding gums can be joined by loose… Read more »

Summer Reading for all Ages in Southlake!

Want a fun, entertaining, and rewarding way to stay cool with your kids this summer? The Southlake Library, with the help of numerous sponsors throughout the community, presents the Southlake Summer Reading 2014 program for childrens, teens, and story-lovers of all ages. As proud and dedicated members of the Southlake community, family dentists, Dr. Wright… Read more »

Tips to Minimize Your Dental Emergency

When you face a dental emergency, such as a cracked or suddenly painful tooth, your first thought should be to visit your emergency dentist’s office as soon as possible. In the meantime, however, protecting your tooth (if possible) and minimizing discomfort (if any) might be the main priority. With a few tips from your Southlake… Read more »

Why Snoring and Sleep Apnea Are Worrisome

Some people believe that snoring is just a natural part of the sleeping process, although for their sleeping partners, the habit may not seem so ordinary. The truth is that snoring can affect your health and quality of life by inhibiting the amount oxygen to your brain. In severe cases, snoring can indicate a disorder… Read more »

Art In The Square in 2015

One of the premier events in the Southlake area is the annual Art In The Square, which takes place in April. Plans have already begun to make 2015’s Art In The Square the biggest and best ever. Dr. Gregory White is a proud member of the Southlake community, and encourages everyone to take advantage of… Read more »