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How To Immediately Address Dental Sensitivity 

As for what is causing your dental sensitivity and the absolute best way to handle it, this is something that calls for the help of our Southlake, TX team! We advise you to schedule a checkup with us just as soon as you can, so you get all of your questions answered and quickly have… Read more »

Sensitivity And Your Smile: What Might Be Happening

You have heard of dental sensitivity before! However, until you actually experience this less than pleasant sensation, it might not be something you worry about. While we certainly don’t suggest becoming anxious about its development, our Southlake, TX team wants you to remember that you should probably come in to see us for a visit… Read more »

Sensitive Teeth And Whitening: What To Do?

When you really want a whiter smile but you have sensitive teeth, you may feel extremely protective of your smile and worried about making the wrong choice. You may hear little rumors that when you whiten, it can cause sensitivity. In some cases, this is true. In others, it’s not really something you need to… Read more »

Pain, Irritation, Sensitivity: Things To Remember

Any type of discomfort that occurs within your mouth is going to be quite bothersome. You may end up with a problem like a sensitive tooth, general pain in one area of your mouth, a toothache, irritated or swollen gums, and the list doesn’t stop there! Like anyone else, your reaction will be to figure… Read more »

3 Reasons Your Teeth Might Feel Sensitive

What’s with the dental sensitivity, you wonder to yourself? Perhaps you spent most of your life with teeth that you rarely even thought about. Now, with every movement, bite into food, etc., you notice that your teeth are quite sensitive and you don’t like it! Though you know you’re probably going to need our help… Read more »

Quizzing You On Toothaches

One second, your smile feels perfectly fine. The next, a toothache is causing you some discomfort. Whether it’s mild or severe, do you know how you should be responding to this occurrence? How about possible reasons for the pain? Do you know why the discomfort has arisen? Our quiz will shed some light on how… Read more »

Important Things to Know About Toothaches (Causes)

As the most-used parts of your body, your teeth are also among the most resilient. When strong and healthy, the layers of a tooth protect its nerves and tissues so well that the tooth shouldn’t feel anything outside of the pressures from biting and chewing. Still, poor hygiene, destructive dental habits (like grinding your teeth),… Read more »

More Than a Feeling—Why Teeth Ache

You could learn a lot by paying attention to your teeth. If they feel especially grimy, then it’s probably time to brush and floss them. If your teeth feel sensitive or ache when you eat or drink, then they may be losing their protective layer of enamel, or have suffered damage that you were previously… Read more »

3 Ways to Prevent Cavities

Did you know that cavities are among the most common chronic diseases, affecting over 90% of adults in at least one of their permanent teeth? Whether you haven’t had one yet, or you have, but don’t wish to relive the experience, the good news is that cavities are not difficult to ward off. With the… Read more »

4 Tips to Prevent Toothaches

If one or more of your teeth have ever hurt, you might have wished that there was something you could do to prevent toothaches. The truth is, you usually can. Most cases of tooth sensitivity are due to conditions that result from inadequate dental hygiene, like weak tooth enamel (the protective outer layer of your… Read more »