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A Few Things To Remember After A Treatment

Whether you come to us for teeth whitening, a filling, or otherwise, there are some things that are pretty much always true in terms of what you can expect afterwards. What might these be, you wonder, and why are we mentioning this? Well, our Southlake, TX team realizes that you may become very focused on… Read more »

Elective Care: Interesting Things To Consider

As you know, there are those dental care treatments that are considered elective because you may elect or simply choose them for yourself because you want them (but there are not necessarily going to be consequences without them). Such treatments tend to cause a bit of confusion for patients because the lack of need means… Read more »

Do I Really Need to Extract My Tooth?

Tooth extraction isn’t something your dentist recommends lightly. In fact, because the procedure is designed to remove a tooth from your smile, it’s only recommended when absolutely necessary. That’s also why you shouldn’t hesitate if your dentist recommends it. For many patients in Southlake, TX, tooth extraction could be the last option for preserving the… Read more »

Things To Remind Yourself When It’s Extraction Time

There are some things that might go through your mind when it’s time for a dental extraction. Some of them might be negative, which, as far as we are concerned, will not benefit you in any way! Others may be positive, which we applaud. Since this may not be an experience you feel certain or… Read more »

When You Want To Keep Your Wisdom Teeth

Patients often find themselves between a bit of a rock and a hard place when it comes to considering wisdom teeth removal. Today, we focus on what happens when there’s really nothing wrong with this final set of molars that show up but you are still unsure about whether it’s best to remove them as… Read more »

Common Questions About Tooth Extraction

Helping you maintain your healthy and beautiful smile is often as simple as keeping up with good hygiene and visiting your dentist regularly for preventive care. Sometimes, however, it requires more direct care, such as restoring a tooth’s damage or removing infected tooth structure. In severe cases, the best way to preserve your smile is… Read more »

Will I Be Able To Eat After My Surgical Extraction?

When you’re trying to schedule an important dental extraction for yourself, you may begin wondering how it will affect your daily schedule. As a result, this may have some impact on the date and time you choose for yourself! While you know that you’re going to need to have time to rest for a couple… Read more »

Extractions: 2 Times It Has Nothing To Do With Your Care

In some cases, you don’t take excellent care of your smile. As a result, certain things can happen that may lead to the need for the removal of a tooth. You might end up with very serious decay that we cannot treat. You might break a tooth that has a large cavity in it. Maybe… Read more »

Remember 2 Things About Your Extraction

Is it about time for your dental extraction and you’re having second thoughts (or perhaps third and fourth thoughts)? We know that this can feel a little confusing. What you want, of course, is to just take us at our word that removing the tooth is best and that things will be fine. That doesn’t… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth FAQs: Things You’re Unsure About

What you know for sure when it comes to your wisdom teeth is that if they pose some sort of a problem for your oral health, we will suggest having them removed. However, there are some lingering questions that you may have about these types of dental extractions. For instance: What if you don’t need… Read more »