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Prevent Or End These Problems With Bruxism Care! 

There’s no question, of course, that bruxism disorder isn’t a good thing. You’ve got this figured out. However, as for the types of problems that may stem from this functional oral health problem, you may feel like your knowledge is somewhat cloudy (or non-existent) at the moment. Of course, with that said, you may also… Read more »

Dealing With TMJ Disorder? We Can Help!

Are you dealing with the common yet uncomfortable problem known as TMJ disorder, which causes your jaw joints to feel exhausted, to hurt, to function less effectively, and more? If so. You may not really know what to do. For starters, we remind you that our Southlake, TX team is here to help! While you… Read more »

3 Ways To Keep Your Teeth In 2019

While you may think a lot about keeping your smile clean, healthy, and even white, you might not set out in a new year with the singular goal of simply keeping your teeth. After all, what could possibly happen if you’re even slightly invested in your dental care that could cause you to experience tooth… Read more »

Jaw Joints: A Few Things You Should Know (If You Don’t Already)

There are some things that you might not realize about your jaw joints. In fact, when it comes to your oral health in general, you may be so focused on your teeth and gums that you don’t ever really broaden your scope to realize there are lots of other tissues that make up the framework… Read more »

Oral Appliances: How Do They Help?

You may not have much of an understanding of what oral appliances are because you may not have heard of them before. However, when we suggest that you may need oral appliance therapy, you might realize hey…there may be a solution to my problem! As for what to make of this, we can tell you… Read more »

Meals And Snacks Q&A: How To Avoid Aggravating A Sore Jaw

Whether you’re about to eat a quick snack or a full meal, you know that you’re going to have to chew! You’ll be opening and closing your mouth, which means putting your TMJs (temporomandibular joints or jaw joints) to work. This is all well and good in a very healthy mouth. However, if you’re faced… Read more »

Quiz: Headaches, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain

If you’ve been dealing with problems like headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain and someone mentioned that dental care might help, you may have begun putting two and two together. These areas of your body are in close proximity to your mouth so, perhaps there is some correlation, you may think to yourself. The truth… Read more »

TMJ Disorder Quiz: What Can I Do?

Are you dealing with the onset of symptoms like a popping jaw, discomfort, or facial pain that you are attributing to TMJ disorder (TMD) but you have not yet received a professional diagnosis? If so, you might wonder if this is something you should do, if you should try to figure out treatment on your… Read more »

Bruxism: Diagnosis Or Destruction

One of the more unfortunate possible side effects of missing out on dental checkups for much too long is the fact that issues like bruxism disorder can lead to some serious damage to your smile (when left untreated). Fortunately, when you catch this problem nice and early (which is easy to do when you schedule… Read more »

Bruxism: Common Questions Answered

Do you have questions about bruxism disorder? If you’re someone who has recently been diagnosed, then the answer is probably yes. The good news is that it’s fairly simple to become fully educated on the topic of this functional problem, how to handle it, why it’s going on, and what you can do to keep… Read more »