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Teeth Whitening Toothpaste: 3 Things To Remember

You may feel like when you’re ready to brighten your teeth, choosing to use teeth whitening toothpaste might be to your benefit. In some instances, there may be nothing wrong with this decision but it may not guide you toward the desired results. On the other hand, there may be some hidden dangers! Remember a… Read more »

Do White Teeth Equate To Healthy Teeth?

It’s often difficult to know what a healthy smile looks like or doesn’t look like. In fact, it can even be difficult to know whether your smile is healthy based on the way it feels! Since problems may arise without you knowing it, we always encourage you to keep your six-month dental checkups scheduled. Now,… Read more »

Christmas Gifts In January

Were you hoping someone would surprise you and tell you that they set up teeth whitening as your Christmas gift? Had you planned on giving yourself some wonderful presents come holiday time, so you could enter into the bright, shiny new year with a smile that’s in much better shape than it was in 2017?… Read more »

Whitening Tips: Figuring Out Your Candidacy

Do you ever spend any of your time daydreaming about teeth whitening? Perhaps those daydreams of yours are filled up with how beautiful your smile would be if only it were whiter instead of dingy. However, since you aren’t really certain about whether you are the right type of individual for whitening, you don’t make… Read more »

Teeth Whitening: Too Old? Or Not?

When you get older, your teeth may become discolored. This might happen because after years of using those teeth of yours, they are bound to pick up some amount of staining, which yields yellowing or a dimmed finish. Or, if you’re someone who has smoked or had a very close relationship with coffee or tea,… Read more »

After Care For Whitening Questions

When you’re thinking about the benefits of receiving teeth whitening, it’s easy to get excited about scheduling your treatment. However, when you begin considering the unknowns, it can cause serious motivation to suddenly turn on a dime. Instead of feeling ready to head out for your vibrant smile, you may feel a little worried instead…. Read more »

Avoid DIY: Choose Professional Whitening

Yes, of course the DIY teeth whitening methods you see online seem fantastic, easy, and something you assume you should try out. After all, scrubbing your teeth with baking soda and soaking them in lemon juice can’t be problematic, right? Actually, this and other treatment suggestions are often extremely dangerous for your smile. Then, once… Read more »

Can I Whiten My Smile With Brushing?

Have you spent some time talking with friends about how you can whiten your discolored smile? Did they encourage you to try your hand at whitening your teeth with a new approach to brushing? While taking care of your smile by brushing your teeth is always important, it’s not going to yield impressive cosmetic changes…. Read more »

Whitening Quiz: Candidacy Requirements

Do you know what it takes to become a candidate for teeth whitening? Are you assuming that if you do not reach the qualifications during your initial visit with us that you will never be able to receive it? If you’re not completely clear on how this works, it is extremely beneficial to learn more…. Read more »

OTC Whitening Quiz: Why We Suggest You Avoid It

Have you been fighting the urge lately to choose OTC teeth whitening for your smile because you know it’s “bad” (but you aren’t actually able to come up with any reasons it’s a less than ideal choice for your teeth)? We applaud your decision to stick to your intuition and to stay away from an over-the-counter… Read more »