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3 Reasons To See Us (Super) Soon for Whitening

When it comes to your smile care desires, you could probably come up with a list a mile long in regard to why you would love a whiter smile. However, as for why you should come in super soon to learn more about whitening options and to then follow through with a teeth whitening solution… Read more »

Questions About Your Smile’s Stains

Do you have smile stains? Are you realizing lately that you have questions about them because something related to your discoloration is causing you to feel confused? This is natural! From feeling curious about why you have stains to wondering if it’s time to come in for teeth whitening (or if you will even qualify… Read more »

When You Want A Snowy White Grin For Wintertime

Maybe you want your smile to simply reflect the brightness of freshly fallen snow because you get serious about the changing of the seasons. Or, perhaps it’s a bit more related to the fact that when winter shows up, so do the holidays, and so do about a million of your relatives that you tend… Read more »

Even More Reason To Whiten Your Smile!

Do you feel like you would like a whiter smile but you’re always looking for some very solid reasons to become motivated to actually follow through with this desire? If this is something affecting your decision making at the moment, then we encourage you to spend just a few moments of your time with our… Read more »

3 Things Expediting Your Smile Discoloration

As you know, just eating and using your mouth on a daily basis can lead to the slow discoloration of your smile. However, you may forget about the fact that there are some factors that can speed that staining right up! What are you doing on a fairly consistent basis that is expediting the yellowing… Read more »

Teeth Whitening: 3 Reasons You May Have To Wait A Bit

Today, at this very moment, you may feel completely ready to see our team for teeth whitening!  However, you might not actually be ready right now for a variety of reasons. “Oh, no!” you might say, “it’s definitely time!” Let our Southlake, TX practice provide you with some explanations about why you may need to… Read more »

GLO Teeth Whitening: Why Do It?

You have friends mention that they’ve gone through with teeth whitening and are so happy because of it, when you explain that you wish you could achieve a smile that’s much whiter. So, you take a look through our treatments and discover that we offer GLO Teeth Whitening. “Hmm,” you may think to yourself, “I… Read more »

Quiz: Who Will Really Love GLO Whitening?

As you may imagine, just about any patient with discoloration can get excited about GLO Teeth Whitening. However, if you’re someone who has had a particularly hard time in the past finding a treatment that will work for your needs, you may feel something extra special for this type of whitening! Learn more to discover… Read more »

Quiz: After Your Whitening Treatment

If your first thought after your teeth whitening treatment is, “Oh, wow, my smile looks wonderful!” then you are like many of our patients. If one of your very next thoughts is, “Oh no, am I going to be able to maintain this?” then, again, you are like many of our patients. We appreciate that… Read more »

GLO Whitening: Some Exciting Benefits!

Have you been looking for a teeth whitening system that’s a bit different than the others because you haven’t been completely satisfied with the details just yet? GLO Teeth Whitening may be the system you have been hoping for to brighten up your smile. To help you see what makes it unique, we offer up… Read more »