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A Bright, New Smile

The beginning of a new year is a great time to think about what you want for your future and discover what you can do to make it a reality. If you envision a bright, new smile in the new year, we’re here to help you achieve your dreams. Here’s how to reach your goals… Read more »

Are You Ready To Show Off A Brighter Smile?

As unfair as it may be, many of the foods and drinks people love are capable of leaving stains in our enamel. Over time, your appreciation of coffee, tea, red wine, or a number of other products can gradually dull the color of your smile, and cause you to have doubts about your appearance. Fortunately,… Read more »

Your Whiter Smile Tips: Maintaining Realistic Expectations

There’s something about the idea of whitening one’s smile that can send patients over the top! At first, you just really wish that you could feel good about your smile, as you make stains a thing of the past. However, the next moment, you may find yourself wondering if you’ll be able to get your… Read more »

Why You’re Wrong If You Think Cosmetic Care Isn’t For You

You may have one of those brief moments, during which you feel excited at the prospect of cosmetic dental care for your smile but you then quickly shut the thought out. After all, you guess it’s not for you, just for other people, so that means you’re probably stuck with whatever imperfections are currently affecting… Read more »

How To Really Help Your Smile Glow

If we were to ask you about how you’d like your smile to look, you would most certainly not respond with, “I’d like it to look somewhat dim and dingy.” With that said, however, you may find that this is somewhat close to how you would characterize your smile at the moment and, as a… Read more »

What Makes Professional Whitening So Much Safer?

You know that at some point, you heard you should definitely choose professional teeth whitening if you’re going to take action to erase the stains currently causing your smile to look less than ideal. However, you’re starting to wonder if there is really any compelling evidence to suggest that this is something to adhere to… Read more »

3 Ways To Enjoy A Stain-Free Smile

You may worry most about ending up with a stained smile above all else! Sure, you aren’t too thrilled with the idea of cavities or any other problem but what you really hope is that you can maintain not only a healthy smile but also one that looks vivid and lovely! With that said, our… Read more »

Drugstore Whitening Strips: Why So Dangerous?

You hear all the time from us that you really shouldn’t use teeth whitening strips that you purchase from the drugstore (or any other type of at-home, do-it-yourself, over the counter treatment for that matter). While you know that it can be dangerous, you don’t really know what that means or if it’s really something… Read more »

3 Ways A White Smile Motivates You

You may think strictly about the way your smile will look when you consider teeth whitening but you might not really recognize that a whiter smile can mean so much more! It can be extremely motivating. It can inspire you! Of course, though this may sound very exciting to you when our Southlake, TX team… Read more »

Whitening: Things That Are Absolutely, Just Not True!

There’s nothing quite like feeling extremely excited about something, such as teeth whitening for your smile, only to be met with a ton of opposition nearly everywhere you turn! You mention it to a friend and that friend says whitening will harm your smile. You hop online and you read that it won’t work on… Read more »