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Nitrous Oxide: Questions You’ve Been Too Shy To Ask

  When you’re someone who tends to have a lot of questions about just about everything, deciding on nitrous oxide will certainly bring up a lot of inquiries. How does it work, you may wonder? What’s the process like? What’s the entire experience going to be like? Is it really going to be relaxing or is… Read more »

What To Do About Dental Anxiety

When the only thing standing between yourself and consistent dental care is dental anxiety, you can find yourself feeling extremely frustrated. You may even throw in the towel when you realize the anxiety isn’t going to simply disappear on its own. Good news: This is not a new issue! It happens to a lot of… Read more »

Your Gag Reflex: Is It Overactive?

Are you someone who feels extremely hesitant about scheduling dental care not because you worry about the procedures, the environment, or any of the factors you usually hear about? Instead, you just don’t know what to do about your overactive gag reflex? Many of your friends and family head to their checkups without a care… Read more »

Dental Sedation: A Quiz

Do you want to talk with us about dental sedation but you’re worried we will tell you that it’s not for you? If this is causing you to avoid asking, we strongly suggest you let this worry go. Why? Well, because we offer nitrous oxide, which is safe, gentle, and effective, and generally well suited… Read more »

Nitrous Oxide: Common Questions

Do you find that even though you have some knowledge of nitrous oxide, you don’t have as much as you would like? This is quite common in just about any area of dental care if it’s something with which you have very little experience. We would like to remind you that you should feel completely… Read more »

Laughing Gas Quiz

Are you ready to speak with us about the potential benefits of nitrous oxide? We hope you recognize that we offer this sedation option to most of our patients, so everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a nice, tranquil time in the dental office. If you have been hesitating to go ahead with sedation, it may… Read more »

3 Exciting Facts About Nitrous Oxide

When it comes to scheduling a trip to the dentist, many patients find themselves feeling a bit anxious – even if they’ve had good experiences in the past. Then, some patients find themselves feeling extreme dental anxiety. Whoever you are and whatever your experiences have been, we encourage you to let us know how you… Read more »

Clearing Up Sedation Misconceptions

Did you initially feel very excited at the prospect of receiving sedation dentistry during your dental visit? Did this excitement quickly turn to disappointment when you immediately convinced yourself you could not possibly qualify for something so wonderful? If so, you are in for a surprise. Sedation is appropriate for most causes, most treatments, and most… Read more »

Your Comfort In Mind

You are probably accustomed to the idea that we have your comfort in mind when you visit us. Our team is compassionate and always happy to accommodate your needs, so you feel at ease. In addition, we offer particular services like sedation dentistry to ensure you truly feel tranquil during visits, which is helpful for… Read more »

Good Reasons To Request Nitrous Oxide

Many patients immediately know that they want nitrous oxide for a relaxing dental visit. However, what many patients do not know with such clarity is whether they qualify for sedation dentistry. The good news is that laughing gas is extremely safe and gentle, which makes it an appropriate sedation option for many different types of… Read more »