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Unable To Put Bite Pressure On A Tooth? A Crown Can Help

If you have any problems with your bite function, you should not take them lightly. An uneven or awkward bite can put stress on your jaw joints and muscles, which can lead to pain as well as a higher risk for picking up a teeth grinding habit. Troubles with a person’s bite can often be… Read more »

Will A Root Canal Be Necessary During My Cavity Treatment?

When a cavity forms, a restorative dental procedure will have to take place to stop it from doing continued damage to your tooth. What will that procedure include? Will it be necessary for your dentist to perform a root canal procedure to deal with decay? That will depend on how severe the damage to your… Read more »

Put Problems With Tooth Loss Behind You

Adjusting to a dental problem as significant as tooth loss can be difficult. In fact, many people who try to ignore the problem, or simply move on without arranging prosthetic dental work, can develop new issues over time because of their attempts to work around their incomplete smile. Something as basic as biting and chewing… Read more »

Should I Treat A Chipped Tooth Like An Urgent Problem?

If a tooth is badly broken, loosened, or completely knocked out, you can many concerns, but you can be confident that the problem calls for a trip to the dentist’s office as soon as possible. However, it can be less clear that a problem demands urgent attention if your tooth is only chipped. While some… Read more »

Will Your Dentist Find A Cavity At Your Next Checkup?

Are you confident that your next trip to the dentist’s office will end without the need for restorative dental work? If you have taken care to consistently brush and floss, and have also made smart diet choices, you can keep your risks for decay under control. With that said, people who feel confident about their… Read more »

Are You Starting To Grow Concerned About Sensitive Teeth?

It should have been a typical, pleasant meal, but dental sensitivity made eating a chore. Does this scenario sound familiar to you? Sensitive teeth can make eating and drinking uncomfortable, and it can create some understandable concerns about a person’s overall oral health. There are different circumstances that can lead to sensitivity. If the problem… Read more »

What To Expect When You Undergo Cavity Treatment

If your oral hygiene habits are consistent, and you take care to minimize your exposure to products that are high in sugar, you can control your cavity risks. Unfortunately, many people will have at least one cavity in the course of their life, which means they will have to undergo restorative dental work. Once a… Read more »

Dental Problems Can Negatively Affect Your Quality Of Life

It may not surprise you to hear that your dental health can impact the quality of your smile. What you should know is that when problems form and are not managed in time, the complications that occur can end up impacting your quality of life and general health in ways that may surprise you. You… Read more »

Protecting An Injured Tooth Before You Undergo Treatment

What can happen in between a dental injury and restorative dental treatment? If you are not careful, you may cause more problems by further damaging an already chipped or cracked tooth, which can cause more discomfort. Further harm can also affect how your Southlake, TX dentist needs to approach your care. Even if a tooth… Read more »

Are You Starting To Worry About An Older Filling Or Crown?

What will you have to do to keep a tooth safe after it has been treated for a cavity? Because the damage from decay is permanent, you may fear that you will have permanent issues with your tooth. You can be happy to know that the dental filling or dental crown put in place by… Read more »