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Important Ways To Think About Restorative Dentistry

The way you think about restorative dentistry can have quite a direct impact on whether or not you come to us for restorations, when your smile is in need of repair! For instance, if you feel uneasy, a bit fearful, or unsure about this field of dental care, you may tend to stay away or… Read more »

4 Things That Happen After Restorative Dental Care

When it’s time for a restorative dental care treatment, it’s possible that you won’t really want to follow through on setting it up and receiving it. Many patients have many different reasons for this! However, when our Southlake, TX team reminds you that we offer compassionate care, gentle care, and that the treatments you receive… Read more »

Why Cavities Scare You (But Don’t Need To)! 

Would you say that when you’re thinking about a visit to see our Southlake, TX team for your dental checkup and cleaning, there’s a part of you that feels overwhelmed because you’re so concerned we may discover a cavity? While it’s certainly much nicer to head home with a clean bill of smile health and… Read more »

Tooth Infection Detection: Things To Be Aware Of 

You know some things about tooth infections. You know that they’re bad news, you know that they’re typically avoidable with preventive care (but that sometimes, bacteria can sneak into teeth anyway), and you know that our Southlake, TX team can help you treat them. However, as for the deeper details, such as how to know… Read more »

Quick Candidacy Questions (And Answers) About Bridges

Before you really get into the final decision to choose a dental bridge for your tooth replacement, it hits you: Whether or not you’re a candidate for this unique treatment has not yet been something you have verified. In fact, you’re not really sure what the requirements are! Of course, our Southlake, TX team reassures… Read more »

Why Are You Hiding Your Smile?

Have you been hiding your smile lately? Maybe you’re nodding your head yes but you can also attest to the fact that you’ve been hiding your smile for a very long time! When you’re doing your best to keep your grin hidden from the world, this can become disruptive to your daily life! Why continue… Read more »

Fillings For Your Smile: 4 Things You Can Count On! 

You might not know how to feel about dental fillings, even though you’re pretty sure that you should receive one when we suggest it. Nobody wants to walk around with a cavity that’s uncomfortable and that’s going to continue to grow (and that will end up causing additional problems down the line). However, you may… Read more »

Restorative Dental Care: Why We Want To Fix Your Smile

As you can probably already tell, our Southlake, TX team is pretty interested in fixing your smile. When your oral health isn’t in wonderful condition, we offer you lots of reminders that you should come in for a dental checkup, that you should follow through with restorative dental care at our practice, and that you’re… Read more »

What Makes Dental Care Look So Natural?

You know without much hesitation that if you were to come to our Southlake, TX team for any type of dental work, the results would be natural looking! However, what you don’t know so much about is how we manage to get just about any dental care you receive to appear so lifelike! Is there… Read more »

Tooth Decay: How Long Can I Wait?

Your first question when you receive the news that you have a cavity may be: How long can I wait until I schedule my dental filling? Or, your first reaction when you realize you have a toothache might be: I wonder how long I can put off scheduling a dental visit. Our Southlake, TX team… Read more »