Category: Restorative Dentistry

Your Oral Health Problem: Right And Wrong Choices!

As you have likely already recognized, when we talk about caring for your smile at our Southlake, TX practice, we focus on all of the things that you can do to benefit your oral health! The goal, after all, is to make all of the right choices, so your teeth are healthy and strong, so… Read more »

Your Smile: How We Help You Make It Look Better

You know that what you want is for your smile to look better. What you’re not so certain about, though, is exactly why your smile isn’t looking the way you’d like. You are curious, too, regarding how we help you with this particular area of concern. How it is that we can help you go… Read more »

Symptoms That Point To A Possible Infection

Remember that just like with the other tissues of your body, your oral tissues are susceptible to infection. You could end up with infected gum tissue, an infected sore, or even an infected tooth. Unfortunately, you won’t always recognize the problem for what it is right away. The good news? When you’re keeping up with… Read more »

I Wish My Smile Looked Better Than It Does: Now What?

What’s the main thing you think about in regard to your smile? Do you sigh and reflect and wish that it looked better than it does at the current moment? Do you feel like, though you know you want improvement for its appearance, you don’t have a solid understanding of what you might require or… Read more »

Tooth Cracks: Don’t Wait On Fixing Them

The longer you wait to fix your cracked tooth, the sadder you will be that you waited! We frequently remind patients that when they’re planning to come in for restorative care in Southlake, TX to have issues fixed, the sooner they make this choice, the better. When the problem is a crack, as mentioned, the… Read more »

Dental Crowns: Good News For Your Smile!

Learning that you need a dental crown is not always what you expect to hear. Sometimes, when you need a fix for some type of illness related to hygiene, you expect other restorative care. In other cases, you may come in asking about veneers or whitening only to discover this curveball: We suggest a porcelain… Read more »

Root Canal Treatment: What’s Next For Me?

You may wonder what’s next for you once you receive your root canal treatment. Of course, you know that the goal of the restorative service is to treat and save a tooth that is just not doing well. It may be damaged within its structure or it may be infected. In any case, the root… Read more »

Dental Bridges: Is It A Good Choice For You?

Is it a good idea to choose a dental bridge if you have teeth missing? Or, is this not the best solution for you? What you likely know by now is that when you are really ready for an answer and a treatment, it’s best to see our team for a consultation. You’ll learn all… Read more »

3 Reasons You Don’t Want A Crown (And What To Do)

If we tell you that you need a dental crown and you look at us and say that you don’t want one, you may be putting your smile (no, you will definitely be putting your smile) in harm’s way. What begins as a suggestion for a crown with the confidence that we can easily save… Read more »

Cavity Consequences: When You Don’t Get Your Filling Soon Enough

If you’re worried that there’s a tiny window of time within which you can either get your dental filling or find yourself faced with severe consequences, don’t stress: Once you find out you have a cavity, in most instances you have enough time to schedule a visit that works for your calendar. You can then… Read more »