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How to Deal With Tooth Loss

Even if you realize that tooth loss is preventable, and take every step you can to prevent it, there’s still a chance that you might lose a tooth to accidental damage or an unnoticed dental condition. Fortunately, although tooth loss is permanent, its effects don’t have to be; with the right replacement teeth, you can… Read more »

How Sturdy Is Your Dental Bridge?

Long before most of modern dentistry’s tooth restoration techniques became popular, dental bridges were already a common method of replacing one or more lost teeth. Even today, if you’ve lost a tooth, or a few teeth in a row, then you may have replaced the lost teeth with a conventional dental bridge. Aptly named, a dental… Read more »

Are Tooth-Colored Fillings Really Better than Metal Ones?

If you’ve ever had a cavity treated, chances are that it was with a dental filling (unless you waited too long, and your tooth required root canal therapy; or worse, an extraction). If you’ve never had a cavity, then chances are that you know someone who has, and who still has the metal, or silver,… Read more »

Why Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

At first mention, root canal treatment (RCT) can cause seem people to pause and consider its necessity. Given the nature of the procedure, which involves cleaning away damaged tissues from the inside of your tooth, many people assume that the procedure is going to be painful. The truth, however, is that if you need root… Read more »

Can Dentists Treat Jaw Problems, Too?

If your tooth hurts, or if your gums bleed, then you might automatically know to schedule a visit with your dentist as soon as possible. However, what if you have jaw problems, such as difficulty biting and chewing, or your have severe, recurring headaches combined with sore, fatigued facial muscles? Along with popping and clicking… Read more »

Do Dental Crowns Really Save Teeth?

They’re not exactly the most common dental treatment, but so many people have received dental crowns that those who don’t have one are still likely to know what the restoration is. What isn’t as well known is exactly why they’re necessary, or exactly how dental crowns can save afflicted teeth from complete destruction, or the… Read more »

A Filling that’s More than Just a Filling

Even people with perfectly healthy teeth usually know what a dental filling is. Given the fact that over 90% of adults have been affected by tooth decay, chances are most people at least know someone who has had to treat a cavity. Dental fillings are a restorative treatment that involves filling a cavity to restore… Read more »

Ways to Protect Your Teeth This Summer

Now that summer has begun, so has the time for sports, swimming, and other fun activities to enjoy outdoors. While this may seem like fun and games, there are things to be aware of. For instance, while it is important to keep an eye out for prolonged sun exposure, the safety of your teeth is… Read more »

Is A Chipped Tooth Really That Serious?

If you’ve ever bitten down on something really hard, or have been hit in the mouth, you may have chipped or broken one or more teeth. While it may not hurt, your tongue may feel the sharp area pretty quickly. Minor breaks usually don’t cause any discomfort, if so it is very little, but if… Read more »

How Would You Use a Porcelain Dental Crown?

As strong as healthy human teeth are, they lack an important ability shared by most of your body’s other tissues; the power to rebuild/repair themselves when damaged or diseased. Because of that lack, fabricated tooth structures are a vital tool in modern dental health care. Throughout dentistry’s history, the dental crown has played an important… Read more »