Category: Restorative Dentistry

Dental Crowns: Test Your Knowledge

If you are dealing with a highly problematic tooth, you may be happy to find out that a dental crown can save your tooth. This means that other restorative treatments may not be sufficient to address your concern or damage but that does not mean you will lose your tooth. Rather than worry about a… Read more »

Is It Time For A Dental Filling?

Not quite sure why we have suggested a dental filling to repair your tooth? Perhaps you assume if your tooth feels perfectly comfortable, you are not in need of restorative care. Or, maybe you are receptive to the idea of receiving a filling but you would simply like to know more about why we have… Read more »

Why You Need Root Canal Treatment

You may think that the only reason we suggest root canal treatment to improve your oral health is for a severe cavity. However, this restorative procedure is actually applicable to a variety of concerns. Understanding why we have suggested a root canal for your tooth is much easier once you learn more about the structure of your tooth… Read more »

How to Replace Your Tooth

Have you lost your tooth? This happens to patients of all ages for a wide variety of reasons. Once you address any underlying concerns, such as gum disease, it is important to immediately begin the process of choosing a solution like a dental bridge to replace your tooth. Rest assured, we urge you to complete… Read more »

The Significance of Dental Crowns

In a world where your teeth can’t repair themselves, a durable, custom-crafted replica of your tooth can prove invaluable when it comes to protecting a weak tooth from further damage or destruction. Known as dental crowns, these replicas have long been a staple of effective dental health care and have helped many patients avoid the… Read more »

Learn What Makes a Cavity

As the most widespread chronic affliction among children and adults in the United States, cavities affect over 90% of adults by the time they reach age 65 (according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research). While most patients are aware of the basics of cavity prevention, such as brushing and flossing teeth daily… Read more »

What’s Wrong with Metal Fillings?

Although metal fillings have been a significant part of restorative dentistry for over a century, they’ve also been surrounded by a bit of controversy for numerous reasons. One of many people’s concerns is the mercury that dental amalgam contains. Although the American Dental Association (ADA) assures that the restorative material is safe, there remain several… Read more »

A New Smile with Dental Implants

The beauty of dental implants is that they are designed to mimic your natural teeth in more ways than were ever before possible. Unlike conventional dental bridges and dentures, dental implants provide a rooted support system to not just restore your smile’s appearance, but also to rebuild the full function of your bite. Fortunately, your… Read more »

The Long-Lasting Benefits of Dental Implants

As load-bearing structures, your teeth (and your replacement teeth) need a solid foundation to operate properly, and to work in conjunction with the rest of your oral health. While your natural teeth have their roots, replacement teeth, like dentures, rely on less solid support, like adhesives. Unless, however, you secure your dental prosthesis on one… Read more »

The Purpose of Dental Bridges

Many patients may be missing teeth because of dental problems they had in the past, or may be facing the prospect of losing teeth that cannot be saved to extraction. If you are in this situation, there are several restorative procedures we offer that may be able to fill the gap in your smile by… Read more »