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Prosthetics: How To Track Their Wear

When you receive your dental crown, dental bridge, denture, etc., the initial experience is a pristine one. Everything fits beautifully. The materials are brand new. They crown or device looks exceptional and functions wonderfully. However, you may wonder to yourself how you’re supposed to know if it’s becoming damaged, if it’s wearing out, if you… Read more »

3 Ways A Bridge Betters Your Smile

A dental bridge can make your smile a whole lot better. So, what’s holding you back from going through with the decision to have one placed, as you watch your smile openings disappear, and your complete smile make its reappearance? If you’re a candidate for this tooth replacement solution, we encourage you to become a… Read more »

Restorative Treatments: What, Why, And When?

What you might know, even if you haven’t ever learned much about restorative treatments, is the fact that it’s important to keep your smile intact and healthy. When you steer clear of professional dental care for too long and allow problems to progress, you’re placing your oral health in jeopardy (which can lead to tooth… Read more »

Tips: Dental Bridge Upkeep

The good news is that your dental bridge is not going to require much to maintain. Ready for the not-so-good news? Fortunately, there isn’t any! As long as you consider our suggestions and tips and keep up with the simple guidelines, you’ll find that your bridge will last you for years, so you can do… Read more »