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Can Oral Hygiene Help You Maintain Your Overall Health?

Have you been underestimating the importance of a good oral care routine? You may be well aware that good habits protect you against tartar buildup, or the formation of cavities. You can also understand the value of brushing and flossing in order to protect yourself against periodontal problems. However, you may not have considered the… Read more »

Where Does Flossing Fit In Your Oral Hygiene Routine?

You should certainly reach for your floss if you have something stuck in your teeth. With that said, this should not be the only time you work to clean in the spaces where your teeth meet. Your oral care routine should include flossing on a daily basis if you want to keep your smile fully protected against… Read more »

Is Your Morning Routine Making Trouble For Your Smile?

Is breakfast your most important meal of the day, or is it one part of a morning routine that is leaving you vulnerable to dental troubles? The morning can be an important period when it comes to maintaining your healthy smile. If you do not spend adequate time brushing, you can leave oral bacteria in… Read more »

How Many Visits To My Dentist Should I Schedule In A Year?

In a typical year, you should plan on seeing your dentist twice. A schedule of semiannual preventive dental appointments is recommended in order to help individuals stay informed about their oral health, but these visits also offer protection in the form of thorough teeth cleanings. By staying consistent with your visits, you can enjoy important… Read more »

Your Family Dentist Can Help You Maintain Your Clean Smile

At least two times each day, you should spend time actively taking care of your smile by brushing your teeth. Good brushing habits, along with a consistent flossing routine, are effective at fighting the formation of plaque and tartar because they keep oral bacteria from gathering. While these measures definitely matter for your overall smile… Read more »

Cavity Prevention Tips That Parents And Kids Can Use

No matter how old or young you are, you should enjoy proper preventive care for your teeth. It is important to fight the buildup of plaque and tartar through consistent brushing and flossing. When dental decay occurs, it causes permanent damage to your tooth structure. In time, it can even lead to serious tooth infections… Read more »

Regular Teeth Cleanings Help You Maintain Good Oral Health

What do you do each day to protect your smile? If you want to effectively protect yourself against cavities and gum disease, you should have a brushing and flossing routine that gives you confidence. It is also important to maintain a diet that is limited in sugars and starches so that your teeth are exposed… Read more »

What Can Semiannual Dental Exams Do For Your Oral Health?

Do you feel confident that you have the “right” oral hygiene routine in place? If you are practicing good habits on a daily basis, you can prevent plaque and tartar from gathering on your teeth, which can make you less likely to experience problems with tooth decay or gum disease. Even with good habits in… Read more »

What Can Happen If You Fail To Floss Regularly?

If you are not doing a good job of cleaning your teeth each day, it seems reasonable to assume that your smile will become more vulnerable to tartar buildup, cavities, and gum disease. While this is something people can quickly agree on, some may have disagreements over what counts as a “good job” when it… Read more »

Why Preventive Dentistry Is Important For Kids And Adults

While everyone can benefit from having access to dependable oral health care, your age can determine what kind of support you might need from your dentist. Adults can receive valuable support when they attend regular dental checkups, as their dentist can keep them up to date about the condition of their teeth. The visit also… Read more »