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How To Spring Clean For Your Smile!

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, of course, which typically means grabbing the vacuum, dust rag, broom, mop, an assortment of scouring pads, cleaning solvents, and more, to get your home in exceptionally clean condition (all while you do your best to declutter and put things in their proper place). However, the idea of spring cleaning… Read more »

Why Does Dental Care Seem So Hard?

Do you ever wonder why dental care seems so hard to accomplish? Then, do you notice that just about everyone out there is brushing and flossing but nobody seems to be complaining much about it? Perhaps you are missing something, you realize. Maybe you are making your care more difficult than you acknowledge but you… Read more »

Smile Care: Can I Wait?

There are times when you may wait and think about what you’d like to do for your smile. Then, there are time when being hasty is absolutely essential. Not sure when to apply a bit of pressure and to make choices and act quickly … versus when you can just take a leisurely stroll through… Read more »

3 Things You’re Missing With Home Care

You might be missing some details with the care that you’re performing in your bathroom. Of course, we don’t think you’re intentionally sabotaging your dental hygiene. Instead, we think you may be unintentionally cutting corners or that you simply don’t realize you’re literally missing spots. When you know what you may be doing wrong, it… Read more »