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Your Toothpaste: Making Impactful Choices

Did you know that when you make good choices for the dental hygiene products you buy, you’re actually positively impacting your oral health? Of course, on the flip side of that sentiment, when you purchase items that don’t promote your healthiest smile, you can actually end up causing some problems. Never thought selecting toothpaste required… Read more »

Prepping For Optimal Preventive Care

Do you know how to prepare yourself for optimal preventive care? Or, do you feel motivated and excited about keeping your teeth and gums healthy but figuring out what to do and where to begin is causing you a bit of a problem? Skip the struggle and instead consider some very simple suggestions. With a… Read more »

Calcium: Top Teeth Tips

There’s no question about whether calcium protects your teeth. You know that, just as it helps your bones stay nice and strong, it does the same thing for your teeth. Since the thought of brittle teeth that don’t stand the test of time doesn’t sound very appealing, we encourage you to do your best to… Read more »

3 Things You’re Getting Wrong

When you’re reviewing your dental care, you may wonder if you’ve been making some rationalizations, convincing yourself of things that aren’t true to make yourself feel better, and if perhaps you need a wakeup call. In many cases, patients become either a little too worried about their care or way too laid back. Since you’re… Read more »

2 Reasons Every Visit Is Essential

You might think of your routine dental visits with us as something that is just that: Routine. However, have you ever taken a moment to step back and consider some reasons it’s actually extremely important that you come in every six months? You may be surprised to learn that every last detail, from removing plaque… Read more »

Q&A: Toothpaste For Sensitivity

  Are you someone who has been dealing with sensitivity for a while, you have already received confirmation that your smile is healthy, and you’re starting to wonder if perhaps you should go ahead and use toothpaste for sensitivity? The short answer is: Yes. However, if you are like most dental patients, you’re interested in… Read more »