Category: Preventive Dentistry

Is It Time For A Winter Season Checkup?

Winter may seem far off but it is nearing, which means we’re soon going to say our final goodbye to the autumn season. But don’t we have about a month or more left you may be asking? The answer is yes! However, in terms of planning for seasonal dental visits with our team, we remind… Read more »

Do You Gag During Dental Care At Home?

When you’re practicing your dental care at home, which primarily includes your dental hygiene (broken down into brushing and flossing), how is it going? Are you gagging a good portion of the time or all of the time? When this reflex comes into the picture, it can make what is generally an otherwise quick, streamlined,… Read more »

Your Smile And Pressure: Things To Remember!

It’s no secret that your teeth are susceptible to damage. It’s also no secret that your supporting tissues, such as your jaw joints, etc., are not immune to potential injury. However, something that you may not necessarily have on your radar (that’s very important) at the moment is pressure … and, unfortunately, it can have… Read more »

How To Immediately Address Dental Sensitivity 

As for what is causing your dental sensitivity and the absolute best way to handle it, this is something that calls for the help of our Southlake, TX team! We advise you to schedule a checkup with us just as soon as you can, so you get all of your questions answered and quickly have… Read more »

Making Your Hopes A Reality For Your Future Smile

Everyone has hopes. Ideals. Dreams. When they’re related to what you visualize for the future of your smile, you can breathe a sigh of relief. If you were worried your journey was going to be fraught with struggle, confusion, uncertainty, or an uphill battle, think again: You’ve got us! Your friendly, Southlake, TX dental practice,… Read more »

Better Ways To Enjoy Fall Favorites For Your Smile 

There are some ways to experience the snacks, meals, and desserts you go crazy for each fall that will certainly not serve your oral health well. This, of course, might make you feel a bit sad and nostalgic for the days of childhood, when you simply didn’t care! However, now you’re a grown-up, you really… Read more »

Think Sugar Is Your Smile’s Main Enemy? Learn More!

It’s true that sugar can lead to problems for your oral health. However, the idea that sugar is your smile’s main and only enemy is a bit of a myth, when we’re talking about keeping teeth (and gums, of course) safe from problems like tooth decay. So, what’s the truth about sugar and what might… Read more »

Top 4 Halloween Candy Types To Avoid

If you guess that no matter the Halloween candy you reach for, it’s just as bad as any other because it’s full of sugar, our Southlake, TX team reminds you to think again! The truth is, that while anything that loads your smile up with sugar is certainly not good for your oral health by… Read more »

Dry Mouth: Say Goodbye To Those Symptoms ASAP!

Yes, you know it well: It’s called dry mouth and it is making your mouth feel, well … weird. You used to not really think about your mouth and the daily functions that it provides but here you are, without enough saliva, and you’re noticing lots and lots of stuff you don’t necessarily enjoy. What’s… Read more »

Motivating Yourself To Practice Prevention Again! 

When you motivate yourself to practice preventive dental care, it can feel like an exceptionally huge relief. You know that without optimal prevention, you’re exposing your smile to culprits that can lead to serious damage down the line. However, once you’re even a little bit off track, it can sometimes feel difficult to find the… Read more »