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What You Can Do For Serene Visits

You already know that visiting our team specifically is one thing you can do to ensure you end up enjoying serene dental visits. Our practice focuses on guiding you through care with compassion, empathy, and gentle techniques. While this certainly means we are greatly responsible for your experience, we like to remind you that there… Read more »

Athletic Mouthguards: Only For Kids?

Have you ever purchased an athletic mouthguard for your child’s smile? Perhaps you used to wear one when you were younger but now, though you’re an active adult, the thought never crossed your mind! While we know you may feel more responsible, coordinated, and capable of dodging elbows and balls, you’re actually not as immune… Read more »

Prevention Saves Your Teeth And Also…

You know that preventive dentistry saves your teeth and gums. This is the reason we’re always reminding you that prevention is so important. You need to do it at home. You need to let us help you with preventive visits. When you do so, you’re not rescuing your teeth from problems that have developed but… Read more »

Enamel: Your Details In “P’s”

When you speak with us about dental enamel, you will immediately recognize that this is a very important part of your oral health. As it is the outer layer that surrounds and protects the rest of each tooth (its layers and tissues within), maintaining its already strong consistency will ensure a long, safe life for… Read more »

Tell Us If Your Chewing Changes

When you notice a change with your chewing comfort or ease with which you chew, it’s important to remember this is no small issue. Your ability to receive the nourishment you need on a daily basis relies primarily on your ability to eat food! When you cannot break it down comfortably or effectively, you’ve got… Read more »

A New Perspective On Tooth Decay

If you’ve been having a hard time keeping tooth decay away, then it’s entirely possible you simply need to adopt a new perspective. You may have ideas about it that are helping you a little bit but not quite enough to protect you from the development of cavities. Consider new information that may never have… Read more »