Category: Patient Education

Different Ways To Communicate About Smile Care

When you are doing your best to manage your smile, to set up the smile care that you need, to let us know what’s happening with your grin, and more, you may not spend a lot of time thinking about the modes of communication you are relying on to get the job done. However, this… Read more »

Describe Your Dental Hygiene Routine (Using One Word)

While it’s not always easy to boil down the way you feel about something in to one single word, that’s exactly what we would love for you to do today! When it comes to the way you generally feel toward your dental hygiene routine, our Southlake, TX team wonders, what adjective would you use to… Read more »

3 Things To Ask Yourself Before Eating

There are some things that you should probably be doing before you begin eating, whether a snack or a meal. However, you might not be doing them. The good news? You can start right away! The bad news? If you continue to ignore them, you may end up dealing with completely avoidable smile damage! To… Read more »

A Quick Review: Smile-Related Abbreviations You Should Know!

Do you find that you hear lots of different abbreviations when you’re learning about dental care, you’re considering dental treatments, or even when you’re sitting in our chair for a dental checkup and cleaning? Our Southlake, TX team realizes that these little groupings of letters that generally make communicating about smile care easier can often… Read more »

A Few Things To Remember After A Treatment

Whether you come to us for teeth whitening, a filling, or otherwise, there are some things that are pretty much always true in terms of what you can expect afterwards. What might these be, you wonder, and why are we mentioning this? Well, our Southlake, TX team realizes that you may become very focused on… Read more »

3 Things To Do On Your Way In For A Visit

When you’re headed in to meet with our Southlake, TX team for a dental visit, you may not realize that the little journey you take between leaving your home and arriving at our practice can actually be quite significant! The steps you take can prepare you for a relaxing experience, during which you feel optimistic… Read more »

Selfie Time: How Dental Care Can Help

Maybe when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning, you have a moment in which the worries about your smile come to the forefront. However, you’re then out of the bathroom, off to enjoy the rest of your day, and you’re not staring at reflection of your smile any longer. You can do your best… Read more »

Flu Season Is Upon Us: Are You Ready?

Your dentist likes to help your oral health remain just as safe as it can be. Of course, in addition to offering dental care to ensure your teeth and gums are safe, our Southlake TX team also likes to keep you updated on some things you can do not only to protect your smile but… Read more »

Patient Case Feature: Finally Fixing Your Smile!

Are you someone who has been upset about your grin for some time, maybe years or even decades, but you’ve never taken the time to talk with us about what it might take to help you improve your smile? Our Southlake, TX team would like to take today’s patient case feature to remind you that… Read more »

See Your Dentist More Than Twice A Year (Maybe)

“See your dentist twice a year….” that’s a phrase you’ll hear quite often. Those twice yearly exams and cleanings help make sure you have healthy teeth in Southlake, TX. At these checkups, we will clean tartar from teeth and check for signs of developing cavities. We may ask if snoring is a problem (a symptom… Read more »