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Lower The Risk Of Developing Oral Cancer

Did you know that it’s estimated around 49,750 people will be diagnosed with mouth, throat, tonsil, or tongue cancer this year? That means the odds of you or someone you know developing oral cancer are too high for comfort. Don’t give oral cancer a fighting chance. You can lower your risk of developing oral cancer… Read more »

Your Smile And Your Body

Are you typically of the assumption that the health of your smile really has no impact on the many systems of your body? Do you figure that as long as you eventually deal with oral health issues, you can achieve a healthy smile (the effects of which may simply include discomfort, restorative care, and some… Read more »

Can Gum Disease Affect Your Physical Health?

The thing about gum disease is that many people don’t consider it much of a threat, even if they already exhibit the early symptoms of the condition. Many people also don’t realize how wide spread the dental health issue is (it affects over 70% of adults in the United States), or that it’s the number… Read more »

Is Non-Smoking Tobacco Nicer to Your Teeth?

If smoking cigarettes is one of the greatest dangers to your oral health, does that mean non-smoking tobacco is better for your teeth? While some people might believe so, the truthful answer is a loud and clear no. In fact, by coming into direct contact with your teeth, and lingering around for much longer, chewing… Read more »

Learning to Treat Gum Disease and Diabetes Simultaneously

It’s not exactly common knowledge that gum disease is closely related to type-2 diabetes, though typically, diabetics are aware of their increased need to maintain their good oral health. Nevertheless, more and more research continues to point to an increasingly significant, and important, link between the two chronic conditions. Experts have long known that inflammation… Read more »

From Mouth to Body: Discussing Oral-Systemic Health

While an aching and/or damaged tooth can significantly affect your quality of life, the connection between your dental health and your physical wellbeing (or oral-systemic health) go far beyond discomfort. When most dental issues arise, like tooth decay and gum disease, it’s due to an excessive amount of bacteria overwhelming your teeth and gums (in… Read more »

Why Gum Disease Matters to Your Heart

Heart disease is a general term that encompasses a number of different heart health conditions, including coronary heart problems that occur when plaque builds up and blocks the arteries supplying your heart with blood. So what does heart disease have to do with the presence of gum disease? As dedicated dentists in Southlake, Drs. Gregory… Read more »