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Oral Health Issues: 3 Things That Don’t Always Happen

When you have been the owner of your smile for so many years, you begin to think your body works in a certain way, that your dental care will yield certain results, and more. In short, you have expectations! However, the things you expect in terms of your oral health will not always turn out… Read more »

Dental Care And Toxicity: Frequent Questions!

When it comes to toxicity and dental care, remember, of course, that our Southlake, TX team’s goal is to help you maintain your oral health and overall health, not to harm it. Then, there’s the fact that we are following the very same guidelines we set forth for you, so that your smile can remain… Read more »

What To Do: Smile Gaps, Care Gaps, And Tooth Loss Gaps

Do you have some type of gap on your mind in relation to your oral health? If so, our Southlake, TX team hopes you will remember that we offer helpful advice, treatments, and more for just about anything you can come up with in terms of smile care. While we would like to cover some… Read more »

What Worked For 2018? Do It In 2019, Too!

Usually, when you hear from our Southlake, TX team, we are telling you about something you should consider doing that you haven’t necessarily been doing for your smile. Or, we may be suggesting something you’ve never really thought about. Generally speaking, we’re striving to protect you from errors and from a lack of knowledge! Today,… Read more »

Eggnog, Hot Cocoa, And Holiday Faves: The ABCs Of Being Careful!

When you make the rounds to the holiday parties you’ve just been itching to attend, you will probably notice something in regard to the drinks that are served: There are some definite holiday beverage trends! The goal, of course, is for the drinks to be cozy, warm, delicious, and nostalgic. If they don’t bring about… Read more »

Your Smile And Realism: How It Can Help

Do you lie in bed at night, wondering if you got every last bit of bacteria off of your teeth, hoping that you aren’t doing anything that could lead to a cavity because ending up with tooth decay would mean you’re a failure? Do you visualize your future dream smile by finding a celebrity’s smile… Read more »

The New Year: Sometimes, You Should Just Resolve To Get Started

When you are looking forward to a brand new year, it’s very easy to get swept up in the promise that a clean slate offers! As a result, rather than coming up with resolutions that will be quite easy for you to follow through on, you may find yourself resolving for things that require a… Read more »

Important Things To Remember About Oral Cancer

Just about everything and anything you learn about oral cancer, assuming it is accurate, is important! However, from our perspective as your Southlake, TX dental care team, there are some highlights that we find particularly significant for you to consider because they will help you maintain a healthy smile. Remember, keeping an eye on your… Read more »

2 Times You (Don’t Realize) You Leave Your Smile Covered In Sugar

There are times when you may not realize that what you’re doing to your oral health is not so great. You want to eat something sweet but you end up accidentally bathing the entirety of your smile, teeth, gums, and all in sugar for an extended period of time. As you know, this is certainly… Read more »

Holiday Meal Prep Hazards

You may think of holiday meal prep in many different lights, depending on your feelings on cooking and doing so for lots and lots of guests. Some individuals love this aspect of the holiday season! Others loathe it entirely but do so with love in their hearts! Wherever you fall on the spectrum during winter… Read more »