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Fix Your Mood: What’s Off With Your Smile?

Has your mood been less than acceptable lately and you know it has something to do with your oral health? Or, is this at least your best estimate but you are having a fairly challenging time putting all of the puzzle pieces together? If so, our Southlake, TX team is happy to report that we… Read more »

Ways You Don’t Realize You’re Stressing Your Teeth

Are you absolutely, completely certain that you’re not doing anything to put your oral health in harm’s way? If you’re slowly shaking your head from side to side, as you think about the question, you may be at a bit of a loss. You know that you brush and floss but aside from that, you… Read more »

Today: What Can You Get Started For Your Oral Health?

The easiest way to deal with something that you don’t necessarily really feel like addressing is to tell yourself that you’ll do it tomorrow. Of course, this isn’t all that bad if you actually follow through with the task the next day. However, in many instance, every tomorrow is followed by yet another one, which… Read more »

Unlocking The Flavors In Foods: Remember These Details

When you’re eating and you’re expecting for the flavors of the foods you’re consuming to burst forth, you may occasionally find that your expectations are not exactly being met! What’s up with the ways foods and drinks are tasting, you wonder to yourself? Is it the food? Is it your taste buds? Maybe something is… Read more »

4 Things That Can Destroy Your Smile (But Don’t Have To)

There are some things that you just might not be able to avoid when it comes to possible tooth damage. Unless you’re always completely attentive to everything happening around you at every second, you can end up experiencing little accidents here and there that lead to broken teeth (running into something when you’re looking the… Read more »

3 Things To Prepare For In March (And How)

March is here, which means lots of exciting things! Spring is steadily heading our way, we are that much closer to nice weather in Southlake, TX, and there are holidays on the horizon! Of course, as much as this third month of the year is fun, it also brings some reminders to our patients in… Read more »

Jaw Health: Interesting Things You May Not Know

You think about your teeth. You worry about your gum tissue. However, it always seems that as long as you hop-to and eventually address problems associated with your oral health, nothing serious can happen. However, our Southlake, TX patients often fail to realize we are so passionate about preventive dental care and early restorative treatments… Read more »

3 Things Good Oral Health Can Mean For You

You know in a general way that good oral health is … good … right? However, when we’re looking at the deeper benefits that optimal smile health affords you, can you start listing them off? Or, do you find that in reflection of the actual details, you don’t really know why it’s so fantastic to… Read more »

Yes Or No: Does This Mean My Smile Is Healthy?

It’s easy to find yourself coming up with different reasons you assume your smile is healthy. However, our Southlake, TX team reminds you that it is very important you don’t let these assumptions get the best of you. As much logic as you put into it, in many cases, it may still turn out that… Read more »

Why You Would Do Anything To Avoid Smile Care (And How To Fix It)

Sometimes, you may find yourself doing just about anything you can possibly think of to avoid your smile care to protect your oral health. However, when you look at your actions objectively, you wonder why you would skip out on the simple steps required of you to keep your smile healthy. We are very familiar… Read more »