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Why Treating Tooth Decay is Different for Everyone

Cavities aren’t fun. They can seriously take away from the joy of eating, or make everyday life just a little more uncomfortable. The threat of cavities can stop you from indulging in your favorite treats, even if you have no reason to diet. When tooth decay develops, treating it is essential to saving the tooth…. Read more »

Jaw-Dropping Facts About the Source of TMJ Symptoms

TMJ disorder exhibits so many diverse symptoms that accurately diagnosing it is sometimes challenging. Your temporomandibular joints (TMJs) are the joints that connect your lower jaw to your skull. When they’re damaged or not working properly, the pain can include chronic migraines, pain and ringing in the ears, and stiff neck and facial muscles, among… Read more »

Reasons to Find a Dentist

Finding businesses and services is easier today than it’s ever been. Simply ask your tablet or smartphone what you’re looking for, and it will promptly respond with viable choices around you. What technology can’t tell you, however, is when you should look for something specific, like a dentist to help you conquer a unique problem…. Read more »

There’s a Reason for Your Toothache

Pain is your body’s way of telling you something’s wrong, and your teeth are no exception. Under normal circumstances, your teeth shouldn’t feel anything outside of the pressure from biting and chewing. If they’re sensitive, it’s likely because their defenses are weakened, and you may require professional treatment to find relief from your toothache. Why… Read more »

How Braces Work, and Why You Might Not Need Them

Some of the most common dental health issues, like cavities and early gum disease, are often detected by your dentist when you attend a routine checkup and cleaning. While you probably don’t have to be a dental professional to recognize that your teeth are crooked, a thorough consultation with Dr. Gregory Wright can help determine… Read more »

The Story of Gum Disease

Once upon a time, a group of small, almost completely unnoticeable lifeforms settled along the soft, pink tissue you call your gums. As they witnessed their kind driven out of their comfortable new home, these microbes decided they wanted to stay, so they devised a way to evade your body’s natural defenses against them. These… Read more »

When Crooked Teeth are Only Cosmetic

When a patient’s teeth are crooked, Dr. Wright ensures that the patient understands the complications of malocclusion and the options available for correcting them. Serious cases of malocclusion may require orthodontic braces consisting of metal or tooth-colored plastic brackets and wires. Often, however, Dr. Wright can help our older teen and adult patients correct crooked… Read more »

Teeth-Grinding–Yes, It’s a Problem

Bruxism, or the habit of constantly grinding your teeth together, is more common than many people suspect, and more dangerous than some bruxers (people who grind their teeth) realize. When Dr. Wright examines your mouth during your routine dental checkup, one of the things he searches for is signs of damage that can indicate a… Read more »

Are You Contributing to Your TMJ Disorder?

Aside from genetic issues, like the size, shape, and alignment of your jaws and teeth, the state of your oral health is largely your own doing. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day and you can keep bacteria and plaque off of your teeth, reducing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Attending… Read more »

Meet Your Mouth’s Pests

Your teeth, gums, and tongue aren’t the only things that inhabit your mouth. Experts compare the ecology of the mouth to a veritable forest, containing over 600 identifiable kinds of microorganisms, and more that have yet to be classified. Knowing your mouth is teeming with bacteria might be uncomfortable, but you might be relieved to… Read more »