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Common Sayings: Applicable To Your Smile Or Not?

However you refer to them, common sayings, old adages, etc., you may find that they come flying out of your mouth at a shockingly frequent rate! However, what you may not really know for sure is if these wisdom-packed phrases actually apply to all aspects of your life. If you’re curious about the use of… Read more »

Better Ways To Enjoy Fall Favorites For Your Smile 

There are some ways to experience the snacks, meals, and desserts you go crazy for each fall that will certainly not serve your oral health well. This, of course, might make you feel a bit sad and nostalgic for the days of childhood, when you simply didn’t care! However, now you’re a grown-up, you really… Read more »

Top 4 Halloween Candy Types To Avoid

If you guess that no matter the Halloween candy you reach for, it’s just as bad as any other because it’s full of sugar, our Southlake, TX team reminds you to think again! The truth is, that while anything that loads your smile up with sugar is certainly not good for your oral health by… Read more »

Why You Cannot Diagnose Your Own Smile Concerns

Of course, you can try with all of your might and intelligence to diagnose your own oral health problems. You may even do a bunch of research and end up getting it right every now and then. However, the very possible outcome of your attempt at pretending to be your own dentist? You get it… Read more »

Suggestions For Oral Sores: What To Do?

One day, your smile is perfectly normal as always. The next, a sore shows up. You’re not sure what you did to deserve this change but you’re not terribly excited about it! Unfortunately, aside from any discomfort, the worst part is that you’re really not sure what to do about it either! In order to… Read more »

Listen Up: Your Breath Is Talking To You!

Of course, as you breathe, inhaling and then exhaling, you’re more likely to realize something is wrong by catching a quick whiff of your breath! However, let’s pretend for a moment that as you breathe, your breath is actually speaking to you, so in addition to paying attention with your nose, you may need to… Read more »

Roads To Preventing Oral Health Problems

Did you know that there are many roads that lead to effective prevention of oral health problems? “But, don’t I just need to practice preventive care?” you might find yourself asking. Well, in short, the answer is yes! However, are you certain about each and every aspect of prevention, which is actually a multifaceted approach… Read more »

How To Get Your Smile Back On Track…Now!

Are you feeling like you’ve already crossed that threshold with your smile? You know: The point of no return, at which you assume that since things have already gotten somewhat out of control, it’s too late to turn back, so you may as well just accept your oral health fate and leave it at that?… Read more »

Oral Health: 3 Red Flags To Consider While Chewing

New sensations, changes, weird little issues, and more can happen at any moment. However, when you’re chewing and placing pressure on your teeth, this happens to be an instance in which your mouth is in motion and you’re more likely to pick up on oral health red flags! Should any arise, our Southlake, TX team… Read more »

Lemons: 3 Hazards To Watch For!

Lemons! They’re beautiful, vibrant, sunny, a perfectly bright reflection of summertime, and they are also a beloved ingredient in lots of yummy foods and drinks! With that said, they often make their way into your life in other ways, as well. The bottom line in terms of this warm-hued citrus fruit is that though it… Read more »