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Common Misconceptions: Figuring Out What You Can And Cannot Drink!

When you’re thirsty or craving your favorite beverage, you may notice that you feel pretty certain about the drinks that are (and are not) safe for your oral health. However, you’re not completely sure that when you’re choosing between two things, you’re making the right selection. Rather than accidentally open yourself up to injury or… Read more »

Summer Heat: Things To Consider

When the temps go up, you often hear advertisements for things that will help you “beat the heat.” While you may be familiar with cooling yourself off, you may not have ever taken time to consider what this means for your mouth. When we’re discussing heat in regard to your oral health, we mean more… Read more »

Do You Have Braces? Remember 3 Things.

Do you have braces? Are you feeling a little unsure about things as an adult orthodontics patient but you really want to succeed? No worries! Keep a few things in mind that will help guide you through successful treatment when it comes to maintaining your oral health (and your optimism) and you’ll be enjoying your… Read more »

How To Spring Clean For Your Smile!

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, of course, which typically means grabbing the vacuum, dust rag, broom, mop, an assortment of scouring pads, cleaning solvents, and more, to get your home in exceptionally clean condition (all while you do your best to declutter and put things in their proper place). However, the idea of spring cleaning… Read more »

St. Patrick’s Day: Green Drink Warnings!

What’s funnier than drinking a green-hued drink in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and then smiling a monstrously green smile at your friends? Nothing! However, as you may have already guessed, from an oral health perspective, we’ve got some things to say about this silly party trick! Learn more about some minor hazards to keep… Read more »