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What Worked For 2018? Do It In 2019, Too!

Usually, when you hear from our Southlake, TX team, we are telling you about something you should consider doing that you haven’t necessarily been doing for your smile. Or, we may be suggesting something you’ve never really thought about. Generally speaking, we’re striving to protect you from errors and from a lack of knowledge! Today,… Read more »

Holiday Meal Prep Hazards

You may think of holiday meal prep in many different lights, depending on your feelings on cooking and doing so for lots and lots of guests. Some individuals love this aspect of the holiday season! Others loathe it entirely but do so with love in their hearts! Wherever you fall on the spectrum during winter… Read more »

Sour Stuff: Suggestions For Smile Success

Sweet, sour…what’s it all mean for your smile? Well, when we talk about sweet things, you immediately think of sugar. As you know, sugar isn’t your smile’s friend but more of an enemy, as it can lead to the softening of your enamel and the development of tooth decay. Why? Well, because the bacteria that… Read more »