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Lemons: 3 Hazards To Watch For!

Lemons! They’re beautiful, vibrant, sunny, a perfectly bright reflection of summertime, and they are also a beloved ingredient in lots of yummy foods and drinks! With that said, they often make their way into your life in other ways, as well. The bottom line in terms of this warm-hued citrus fruit is that though it… Read more »

Jaw Health: Interesting Things You May Not Know

You think about your teeth. You worry about your gum tissue. However, it always seems that as long as you hop-to and eventually address problems associated with your oral health, nothing serious can happen. However, our Southlake, TX patients often fail to realize we are so passionate about preventive dental care and early restorative treatments… Read more »

3 Things Good Oral Health Can Mean For You

You know in a general way that good oral health is … good … right? However, when we’re looking at the deeper benefits that optimal smile health affords you, can you start listing them off? Or, do you find that in reflection of the actual details, you don’t really know why it’s so fantastic to… Read more »