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Why Your Tooth Looks Grey (And What To Do)!

Everyone wants to walk around with brilliantly white smiles, so when you realize that one of your otherwise pearly teeth is looking grey it can be a very disheartening moment. Why is that tooth grey, you wonder to yourself, and what should (or what can) you do about it? Before you start imagining all sorts… Read more »

3 Cool Benefits Of Getting To Receive A Filling

“Oh, no!” you may think to yourself, “not another filling!” We understand. What you want is to come in to see our Southlake, TX team, learn that your smile is in perfect health, then head home. We would love for this to be your experience, too! However, from time to time, you may end up… Read more »

3 Daily Questions To Ask Yourself When You Don’t Want A Cavity

What types of questions do you ask yourself about your oral health on a daily basis? If you’re sort of shrugging your shoulders because, like most patients, you just go through your dental hygiene routine, figure you’re doing a good job, and leave it at that, then we have some ideas for you! When you… Read more »

Fillings: Things You’re Hoping Are True (But Are Not)!

If you’ve got a lot of facts filling your head in regard to dental fillings, then protecting your smile becomes so much easier to do. Remember, when you’re knowledgeable about fillings, it’s easy to motivate yourself to receive them the moment we say it’s time. Ready for a deeper look into these restorations? Let’s go!… Read more »

Fillings: Why Composite May Be Just What You Need

You’ve heard about composite fillings before. Sometimes they will be referred to as white fillings. Other times, they will be preceded with the term “tooth-colored.” Whatever the case, we encourage you to remember that this may be just what you need for your decayed tooth and not only because this type of restoration will look… Read more »

Tooth-Colored Fillings: A Speedy Quiz!

We know, you don’t have time to sit around all day taking quizzes about tooth-colored fillings and the like. However, if you’ve got some decay that requires attention ASAP but you’re not doing much about it, we feel it is our duty to remind you that this beautiful restorative treatment is something you most certainly… Read more »

Fillings: 3 Reasons To Relax

You might find your blood pressure increasing and your heart pitter-pattering in reaction to your future dental filling appointment. While you know it’s not the end of the world, you might have a hard time flipping that perspective around into something very positive. To help you recognize that you can feel completely relaxed (even …… Read more »

Benefits Of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Have you recently discovered that you have a cavity and must schedule an appointment for a dental filling? Are you starting to wonder what’s so exciting about the tooth-colored filling that you will receive in the near future? For starters, let’s go over a quick refresher: Also called “white” or “composite” fillings, this type of restorative… Read more »

Why Did I Get A Cavity?

Nobody likes to receive the news that they have developed a cavity. This can feel particularly frustrating when you feel you have been taking excellent care of your teeth but tooth decay has occurred anyway. Or, perhaps your teeth feel just fine so you weren’t worried at all and your cavity was a surprise. Fortunately,… Read more »

What to Know About Tooth Fillings

Because cavities are the most are the most common dental health issue, tooth fillings are more common than many people might realize. Still, many people who have them don’t realize all there is to know about tooth fillings, and how the material used can influence the effectiveness of the restoration. At our Southlake dentists’ office, we… Read more »