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Your Smile: Things You’ll Only Learn By Asking Us

There are things that we will tell you without any questions from you! For instance, when you come in for your dental checkups and cleanings with our Southlake, TX team, you won’t have to ask how your smile is doing. We’ll inform you all about it! However, there are some other areas of care, improvement,… Read more »

Important Reminders For Your Hands

You think a lot about your teeth and your gums and your tongue and your lips when we’re talking about oral health and dental care. However, something that’s easy to overlook but that’s just as important is your hands! You use them to guide you through the motions of completing your smile care, from holding… Read more »

Remember: Adjusting To Dental Work Takes A (Quick) Moment

You may have a lot of questions about what you can expect from dental care when you’ve completed a treatment and you’ve headed home. Actually, you may be a little worried about this! You know that your smile needs certain things in order to be its best, your oral health sometimes requires repairs, and you… Read more »

Smile Care: A Waste Of Time? Or Not?

It’s not unusual to suddenly take a look at something you’ve always just accepted as something you should do and to wonder if it’s actually a necessity. If this happens to you and the topic in question is your smile care, then you may suddenly find yourself asking: Is it a waste of time? Or… Read more »

When We Would Like To See You

Just to be clear, our Southlake, TX team reminds you that there is not one, set, master list that includes every last reason that we encourage patients to come in to see us for dental visits! However, because we often hear from patients that they’re just not entirely sure when they should come in (or… Read more »

Why Your Smile Looks Sort Of…Blah

When you take a glance at your entire smile in the mirror, you don’t see one single glaring problem. However, what you do notice is that it’s not quite the beaming, brilliant, bright, and beautiful feature you would like to see in your reflection. What should you do, you might ask our Southlake, TX team,… Read more »

3 Times You’ll Laugh At Your Smile Stress!

It’s easy to find yourself stressing when, instead of coming in to our Southlake, TX practice to meet with our team for the dental care your smile needs, you just stay away. You try to figure out what’s wrong. You wonder about it. Then, you worry about it. Or, you already know what’s wrong and… Read more »

Unlocking The Flavors In Foods: Remember These Details

When you’re eating and you’re expecting for the flavors of the foods you’re consuming to burst forth, you may occasionally find that your expectations are not exactly being met! What’s up with the ways foods and drinks are tasting, you wonder to yourself? Is it the food? Is it your taste buds? Maybe something is… Read more »

Smile Care: 3 Things That Will Hold You Back

Did you know that there are some things that, no matter what, are going to hold you back in terms of your smile care? While there are some issues that may or may not negatively impact you (for instance, maybe you have a sweet tooth but you’re quite good about rinsing and brushing after candy),… Read more »

Smile Safety: Habits To Give Up For Spring

There are habits that you know are good for you. Then, there are habits that you know are really bad for you. Then, of course, there are things you know you probably shouldn’t be doing, so you do them just a little bit and put as many measures into place to protect yourself from harm!… Read more »