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Dental Care Buddy System: Helpful Ideas

It might seem like a very simple suggestion … and that’s because it is! Remember, however, that in many cases, it’s the easiest of ideas that will help you move forward with accomplishing your goals. When it comes to dental care, our Southlake, TX team reminds you that sometimes, all you need is to practice… Read more »

End-Of-Summer Smile Planning

It seems just yesterday summer had just begun! You had a whole, nice long season with which to make plans for your smile. If you followed through on them and are merrily on your way toward the end of this sunny time of year with a grin you feel completely good about, then we offer… Read more »

Things That Will Always Work In Your Smile’s Favor

There are some times when you start wondering to yourself: Is this going to be okay for my smile or not? In those moments, you have to do your best with the knowledge that you have to make a decision (and then, of course, ask us for additional insight when we next see you). On… Read more »

Fillings For Your Smile: 4 Things You Can Count On! 

You might not know how to feel about dental fillings, even though you’re pretty sure that you should receive one when we suggest it. Nobody wants to walk around with a cavity that’s uncomfortable and that’s going to continue to grow (and that will end up causing additional problems down the line). However, you may… Read more »

4th Of July: Important Tips For Your Smile! 

Here comes the 4th of July! It’s a special day celebrating our nation’s independence, so it’s all about a big display! There’s time spent outdoors barbequing and enjoying picnics! There are fireworks! There are patriotic pies and cakes! It’s quite the party, which means it’s sure to be a lot of fun. With that said,… Read more »

How To Establish New, Very Good Smile Care Habits

Since you’re an adult and your habits, whether related to smile care or anything else, have long been formed and are often challenging to change, you may wonder to yourself: How can you establish new ones on behalf of your oral health, when you’re so used to the approach you already take? Fortunately, even though… Read more »

Your Smile: Why You Need Us When Something’s Wrong 

You may get it into your head that when something seems to be wrong with your smile, you should be smart enough and motivated enough to take care of it on your own. However, our Southlake, TX teams reminds you that this isn’t true for so many reasons! The most obvious, of course, is that… Read more »

Why Do My Gums Feel Uncomfortable?

You may feel like you know what could be going on (and what to do) if your teeth don’t feel very good. However, when you realize that it’s not your teeth but your gum tissue that feels uncomfortable, this may feel like completely new territory to you! Is something wrong with your gum health, you… Read more »

Different Ways To Communicate About Smile Care

When you are doing your best to manage your smile, to set up the smile care that you need, to let us know what’s happening with your grin, and more, you may not spend a lot of time thinking about the modes of communication you are relying on to get the job done. However, this… Read more »

4 Things That Are Easier Than You Think

You might occasionally come up with a smile care goal for yourself or a new idea, only to wonder if it’s really worth trying to follow through. You might think of dental care as strenuous, complicated, or even challenging aspect of your life. While there are many different topics we could potentially cover, our Southlake,… Read more »