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Common Sayings: Applicable To Your Smile Or Not?

However you refer to them, common sayings, old adages, etc., you may find that they come flying out of your mouth at a shockingly frequent rate! However, what you may not really know for sure is if these wisdom-packed phrases actually apply to all aspects of your life. If you’re curious about the use of… Read more »

Smile Dreams: Did I Miss My Chance?

On the spectrum of possible smile dreams you might have for yourself, there exists a vast array of hopes! Unfortunately, patients often assume they’ve missed their chance completely, thereby feeling compelled to leave dreams behind and instead, to settle for a smile that’s damaged, just okay, or disappointing. Fortunately, our Southlake, TX team is happy… Read more »

Talking To Us About Smile Problems: Details To Consider! 

Speaking with us about smile problems is something that we always suggest. You should never ignore something that’s become obvious to you in any way, whether it’s a feeling, a sensation, a suspicion, a visual change, etc. With that said, our Southlake, TX team reminds you that the more information you can provide us, the… Read more »

Smile Care Help: Things You Keep Saying You’ll Do Tomorrow

You know that when you have something on your mind that needs to happen, the best time to take care of it is today. However, tomorrow often provides you with such a lovely buffer. It lets you give yourself just the tiniest bit more time, relaxation, avoidance, etc.! You can say, “I’ll do it tomorrow”… Read more »

4 Things Soda Is Definitely Doing To Your Smile

If you’re an avid drinker of sodas and you can happily say it’s one of your favorite beverages to consume … or if you’re an occasional drinker (meaning, at least a few times a week) … then there are some things you should definitely know. When consumed more often than “once in a blue moon,”… Read more »

Smile Care: Wants, Needs, And Waiting

Your dental care is rather straightforward in terms of what it takes to keep your smile healthy, what to do if you should require a repair, and the fact that there are treatments that can even help you improve its beauty. That is, it’s all very simple to understand and practice, when you have answers… Read more »

Why You Cannot Diagnose Your Own Smile Concerns

Of course, you can try with all of your might and intelligence to diagnose your own oral health problems. You may even do a bunch of research and end up getting it right every now and then. However, the very possible outcome of your attempt at pretending to be your own dentist? You get it… Read more »

Simple, Powerful Benefits Of Smile Care

Did you know that the decision to follow through with smile care can yield exceptional benefits? It may not seem like you’re doing much, you think to yourself, when you brush, floss, and come in for visits. However, the opposite is actually true. The advantages you give yourself by remaining committed to keeping your smile… Read more »

Suggestions For Oral Sores: What To Do?

One day, your smile is perfectly normal as always. The next, a sore shows up. You’re not sure what you did to deserve this change but you’re not terribly excited about it! Unfortunately, aside from any discomfort, the worst part is that you’re really not sure what to do about it either! In order to… Read more »

Your Dental Cleanings: 3 Things To Remember!

The most important thing to remember, of course, is to come in for your dental cleaning! However, have you ever considered that when you have some other important details associated with cleanings stored in your mental files about preventive care, it just might help you out? Perhaps a bit more information will help you stay… Read more »