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Smile Care: Wants, Needs, And Waiting

Your dental care is rather straightforward in terms of what it takes to keep your smile healthy, what to do if you should require a repair, and the fact that there are treatments that can even help you improve its beauty. That is, it’s all very simple to understand and practice, when you have answers… Read more »

Why You Cannot Diagnose Your Own Smile Concerns

Of course, you can try with all of your might and intelligence to diagnose your own oral health problems. You may even do a bunch of research and end up getting it right every now and then. However, the very possible outcome of your attempt at pretending to be your own dentist? You get it… Read more »

Simple, Powerful Benefits Of Smile Care

Did you know that the decision to follow through with smile care can yield exceptional benefits? It may not seem like you’re doing much, you think to yourself, when you brush, floss, and come in for visits. However, the opposite is actually true. The advantages you give yourself by remaining committed to keeping your smile… Read more »

Suggestions For Oral Sores: What To Do?

One day, your smile is perfectly normal as always. The next, a sore shows up. You’re not sure what you did to deserve this change but you’re not terribly excited about it! Unfortunately, aside from any discomfort, the worst part is that you’re really not sure what to do about it either! In order to… Read more »

Your Dental Cleanings: 3 Things To Remember!

The most important thing to remember, of course, is to come in for your dental cleaning! However, have you ever considered that when you have some other important details associated with cleanings stored in your mental files about preventive care, it just might help you out? Perhaps a bit more information will help you stay… Read more »

Dental Care Buddy System: Helpful Ideas

It might seem like a very simple suggestion … and that’s because it is! Remember, however, that in many cases, it’s the easiest of ideas that will help you move forward with accomplishing your goals. When it comes to dental care, our Southlake, TX team reminds you that sometimes, all you need is to practice… Read more »

End-Of-Summer Smile Planning

It seems just yesterday summer had just begun! You had a whole, nice long season with which to make plans for your smile. If you followed through on them and are merrily on your way toward the end of this sunny time of year with a grin you feel completely good about, then we offer… Read more »

Things That Will Always Work In Your Smile’s Favor

There are some times when you start wondering to yourself: Is this going to be okay for my smile or not? In those moments, you have to do your best with the knowledge that you have to make a decision (and then, of course, ask us for additional insight when we next see you). On… Read more »

Fillings For Your Smile: 4 Things You Can Count On! 

You might not know how to feel about dental fillings, even though you’re pretty sure that you should receive one when we suggest it. Nobody wants to walk around with a cavity that’s uncomfortable and that’s going to continue to grow (and that will end up causing additional problems down the line). However, you may… Read more »

4th Of July: Important Tips For Your Smile! 

Here comes the 4th of July! It’s a special day celebrating our nation’s independence, so it’s all about a big display! There’s time spent outdoors barbequing and enjoying picnics! There are fireworks! There are patriotic pies and cakes! It’s quite the party, which means it’s sure to be a lot of fun. With that said,… Read more »