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Winter Lip Tips: Ready Or Not!

Whatever it is you think about your lip health (perhaps that they are simply immune to the extraordinary drying days and nights of winter), you will be sorry if you do not begin preparing now! It is much easier to prevent dry, peeling, cracking, uncomfortable lips than it is to try to save them once… Read more »

Smart Smile Gifts For Couples

Have an anniversary coming up but you’re not sure what to get for your spouse (or possibly for the two of you as a couple)? About to attend a wedding and you’re looking for something interesting to choose for the bride and groom? If you happen to get as excited about smile health as we… Read more »

Smile Spaces And Solutions

Do you spend time covering your smile when you talk or laugh? Have you ever panicked after smiling at someone, wondering if they saw the space where a tooth once resided? Perhaps you have long been embarrassed by a gap between your teeth but you feel like you just need to find a way to… Read more »