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3 Tips For Effective Family Dentistry

We offer family dentistry for every member of your family. Rest assured, we are fully aware that your needs may differ dramatically from those of your little one in certain instances, which is why we provide thoughtful care geared toward each patient. However, we have some positive news: When it comes to keeping up with the… Read more »

A Quiz: Comprehensive Family Dentistry

How much do you really know about family dentistry? Do you assume that we only focus on keeping your teeth and gums clean? If you’re not quite sure about the extent to which our services will protect your smile and supportive structures, we suggest you learn a bit more. Bringing up particular inquiries during your checkups… Read more »

A Special Take On Hot Cocoa

Have you been looking for a special way to indulge for the New Year? Are you worried that by January 1st of 2016, you will be all out of creative ideas for special treats as a result of using the very end of your creative juices for the holidays of December? Never fear – we have… Read more »

Think Before You Bite

Do you give much thought to the different ways you use your smile? You already know that you put it on display when you feel happy or when something is funny – and that you use it to chew your food. However, patients often rely on their teeth for a variety of other purposes that… Read more »

Holiday Time Family Dental Care

Do you look at the lovely smiles of your significant other and your children with love in your heart? Does that love begin to include a bit of horror as you imagine the onslaught of sugar that is headed toward those beautiful teeth over the holiday season? If so, we understand. As much fun as… Read more »

Quick-Guide: Family Dentistry Treatments

When you hear that we offer family dentistry to care for the smiles of your entire family, you may assume that we are simply referring to routine preventive visits. However, you will likely be pleased to discover that the treatments we provide for yourself and your loved ones (of all ages) actually far surpasses cleanings… Read more »

Making Dental Care Fun For The Kids

There’s something about introducing dental care to your little one that can result in some serious anxiety or hesitation on your part. We understand. Having guided many, many children (along with their parents) through dental care over the years, we understand that you simply hope for your child to have a great experience. If you… Read more »

An Emotional Look at TMJ Disorder

It’s no secret that the state of your oral health can affect various areas of your systemic wellbeing. For instance, the bacterial infection that causes gum inflammation, and consequently gum disease, has been shown to exacerbate inflammation related to certain heart diseases. Severe dental disease can also increase your risk of respiratory infections and other… Read more »

About Snoring and Sleep Apnea

The trouble with snoring is that not everyone understands the potential seriousness of the condition. In addition to the aggravation your sleeping partner may experience at being constantly woken up by the noise, there are also several ways in which snoring could affect your overall health. In fact, snoring is often a telltale symptom of… Read more »

Recognizing TMJ Disorder

Your jaw’s movement is incredibly complex. Though simple acts like biting and chewing can seem mundane, there are myriad parts of your oral structure involved in every effort. Two of the main components of this movement are your temporomandibular joints, or TMJs, which connect your lower jaw to the sides of your skull. The intricate… Read more »