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How Dental Problems Age You

Did you know that when you don’t care for your smile or when little issues become big problems, your smile ends up looking older? As a result, you end up looking older, too? For those interested in maintaining a youthful appearance and avoiding an unnecessarily aged appearance, we have some helpful suggestions for you! Remember… Read more »

Your Child’s Smile Timeline: Teeth

How familiar have you become with your child’s oral health and development timeline? Do you already have a chart that you’re referencing regarding when to expect a first tooth and when the tooth fairy may be making her very last visit for a lost baby tooth? It’s important to remember that the details are not set… Read more »

Thanksgiving: 3 Things We Are Thankful For!

While you probably sit around your Turkey Day meal with the people you care most about, giving thanks for one another and for the delicious food in front of you, we certainly have a unique take on the holiday. Of course, we are grateful for our patients, our community, and the delicious feast that awaits!… Read more »

Q&A: Is My Smile Affecting My Speech?

The short of it is that, yes, the way your teeth are organized in your mouth can play a very serious role in your ability to articulate the words you use when you speak. For a more detailed understanding of speech patterns and smile, we invite you to consider answers to questions often brought to… Read more »

De-Stress Your Dental Care

Do you find that you spend a surprising amount of energy stressing or worrying about dental care? You might not even notice the amount of tension that builds up regarding keeping your smile healthy until you reflect on your usual approach. For instance, do you exert a lot of thought trying to figure out when… Read more »

Do You Outgrow The Need for Dental Checkups?

You are probably aware that good oral care should start early. It is recommended that children start seeing a dentist whenever their teeth start to erupt, or by their first birthday. The need for regular dental checkups is never outgrown. Even adults who have excellent check ups for many years should not think healthy teeth… Read more »

Comfortable Visits: A Quiz

Are you tired of avoiding dental care simply because you are worried that your experience won’t be comfortable? Good news: We offer extremely comfortable dental visits, so you can rest easy! Not quite sure you understand what makes our practice unique but you’d like to learn more? We invite you to make your way through… Read more »

Preventive Care During Pregnancy

You may find that everything you thought you knew about taking care of your oral health suddenly seems meant for someone else when you become pregnant. For instance, is it still safe to receive dental care, you may wonder? Are you supposed to keep caring for your smile the same way or are there special… Read more »

3 Ways Dental Care Can Improve Your Confidence

When you begin learning about all that you can accomplish with dental care, you might realize that finding out more about treatment options can actually improve your confidence. It’s true that the main goal of dentistry includes helping you maintain a healthy smile — but the way you feel about yourself as it relates to… Read more »

Dental Checkups Quiz: True Or False?

Do you know exactly why we suggest you schedule a dental checkup with us two times every year? Have you become something of a pro regarding what to expect, what we’re looking for, and what makes prevention so advantageous? Or, do you feel a bit bewildered by the entire experience – certain the exam is… Read more »