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Tips For Planning Smile-Friendly Family Meals

When should you take the time to think about the health of your smile in a typical day? Obviously, you should focus on your goal of preventing cavities and gum disease whenever you brush and floss. In order to do the best possible work taking care of your teeth, you should put time and effort… Read more »

The Guidelines For Thanksgiving And Simple Smile Care

Your smile care isn’t something that you are going to have to practice when it’s convenient but then uncomfortably place to the side, when certain things come up. A good example? The Thanksgiving day experience you’re so ready to have but that is making you wonder: Am I going to have to choose between being… Read more »

Is It Time For A Winter Season Checkup?

Winter may seem far off but it is nearing, which means we’re soon going to say our final goodbye to the autumn season. But don’t we have about a month or more left you may be asking? The answer is yes! However, in terms of planning for seasonal dental visits with our team, we remind… Read more »

Family Dental Care: Who Needs It Most?

The family that brushes together…well, they tend to have healthy teeth together! Family dental care is an asset to all members, from the littles to the elders. You can be sure that your Southlake TX dentist recommends against skipping dental care, for any family member, at any age. Whether you are bringing your preschooler for… Read more »

3 Small Smile Investments With Huge Payoffs

You may think about dental care and immediately assume that enjoying amazing results, keeping your smile in good condition, and enjoying esthetic improvements along the way is all going to require some sort of massive investment, whether in terms of time, money, energy, etc. However, our Southlake, TX team is pleased to remind you that… Read more »

Talking To Us About Smile Problems: Details To Consider! 

Speaking with us about smile problems is something that we always suggest. You should never ignore something that’s become obvious to you in any way, whether it’s a feeling, a sensation, a suspicion, a visual change, etc. With that said, our Southlake, TX team reminds you that the more information you can provide us, the… Read more »

Dry Mouth: Say Goodbye To Those Symptoms ASAP!

Yes, you know it well: It’s called dry mouth and it is making your mouth feel, well … weird. You used to not really think about your mouth and the daily functions that it provides but here you are, without enough saliva, and you’re noticing lots and lots of stuff you don’t necessarily enjoy. What’s… Read more »

Smile Care: Wants, Needs, Considerations

When you start thinking about your dental care with our Southlake, TX team, you may find that you are well aware that there are certain things you need for your smile, based on our recommendations and your instinctual understanding that you’d like a healthy smile. Then, there are things you occasionally think about that you… Read more »

Dental Care Buddy System: Helpful Ideas

It might seem like a very simple suggestion … and that’s because it is! Remember, however, that in many cases, it’s the easiest of ideas that will help you move forward with accomplishing your goals. When it comes to dental care, our Southlake, TX team reminds you that sometimes, all you need is to practice… Read more »

Important Reminders For Your Hands

You think a lot about your teeth and your gums and your tongue and your lips when we’re talking about oral health and dental care. However, something that’s easy to overlook but that’s just as important is your hands! You use them to guide you through the motions of completing your smile care, from holding… Read more »