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Emergency Dental Care: What You Do (Or Don’t) Know 

Figuring out whether it’s a good idea or a not-so-necessary idea to call our team for an emergency dental visit is something that can cause many of our patients quite a lot of confusion! Of course, if you break a tooth and you can see and feel the damage, then you may have no qualms… Read more »

Calling Us For Emergency Care: 3 Things You Shouldn’t Feel

Of course, there are some things that our Southlake, TX team expects you to feel when you are accessing emergency dental care with us: Uncomfortable, stressed, panicked, in pain, a little nervous, frantic, etc. These are the types of emotions that come when a serious trauma, pain, or other concern arises with your smile. Then… Read more »

3 Times You Want (But Don’t Need) To Panic

The moment something serious happens to your smile or you suddenly feel pressed for time (but feel like you just don’t have enough), your natural reaction may be to panic. After all, you have a big need and you’re worried that you won’t be able to address it, which is certainly anxiety-inducing! Fortunately, our Southlake,… Read more »

2 Reasons Parents Love Emergency Dentistry

Are you a parent? How many times has something happened in regard to your children that you didn’t see coming? Are you shaking your head because there are too many times to count (or you’re laughing because you know this detail all too well)? If so, then you were probably very happy when you discovered… Read more »

A Few Helpful Facts: Dental Emergency Or Not?

There are many types of trauma that may suddenly affect your smile, leaving you requiring a dental emergency visit with us. The problem that often comes up for patients includes the following question: Is this considered an emergency or not? While it would take quite a while to list out every single possible thing that… Read more »

Oral Health: Ready For Anything

Throughout your journey on this planet, we hope that the only thing you need to deal with in regard to dental care is prevention! However, the good news is that even if you require something else, we are here to provide it for you. So, how to make sure you’re ready to practice optimal preventive… Read more »

Emergency Dental Care: Use It If You Need It!

We know that you may be the type of person who feels compelled to wait until the last possible second to call us if something is wrong with your smile. It’s a common tale. You worry that if you call and nothing is actually wrong, you’ll look silly. You worry that if you contact us… Read more »

Step By Step: Removing Food From Between Teeth

Sometimes, you get food stuck between your teeth. It’s very annoying, you mess with the area a bit with your tongue, and the food comes right out. Other times, however, it’s like the food is cemented in there! Nothing you do at the dinner table helps and you start to wonder if you’ll ever be… Read more »

Toothaches: Is It An Emergency?

When you find yourself in the midst of an uncomfortable toothache, you may end up on the fence as you decide how to proceed. Do you contact us for an emergency dental visit? Or, do you do your best to treat your tooth, stay calm, and relax until a regularly scheduled dental visit? While the… Read more »

Dental Emergency Q&A: Does My Concern Qualify?

One of the most common obstacles we find that patients run into with contacting us during a dental emergency is the fact that they aren’t sure they’re experiencing one. Fortunately, figuring out whether it’s a good time to call us for urgent care (or not) is simpler than you might think! Take a helpful Q&A… Read more »