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The Flu Quiz: Don’t Share It (Or Receive It!)

There are many gifts you’d like to receive this year (and probably many you are very excited to give). However, we are fairly certain that “the flu” is not on either of your lists. So, how to make sure you’re not the giver or recipient of this fairly common virus? We think a dental hygiene… Read more »

3 Pre-Flossing Tips For You!

Do you think you’ve already got all the flossing information you need? Perhaps you feel the opposite and you wonder if there’s something you’re missing as you begin this part of your dental hygiene. Not to worry! It’s always worth a review (and new tips can make a huge difference in the way you feel… Read more »

Dental Care: Things You Think Are Solutions (But Aren’t)

When we’re talking about facing oral health concerns and knowing whether you can fix them at home or if you need our help, there’s one way to simplify it: If it’s not just brushing and flossing related, then you probably need to see us. Unfortunately, it’s often very easy to think that you can find… Read more »

What Do You Have Against Dental Hygiene?

Do you feel like you suddenly have something serious against dental hygiene? At one point in your life, this was just one more part of your day. However, now, something about your home preventive care is making you extremely cranky! Now that we’ve brought it to your attention, of course, you may realize that this… Read more »

Dental Hygiene Quiz: The Order Of The Details

If you were to sit down and truly pore over the details of dental hygiene and the order of things, what do you think you’d come up with? Do you believe that there’s a very particular first, second, third step to everything in order to achieve success? Or, do you figure there’s a little wiggle… Read more »

Your Toothbrush: Are You On Track?

If we were to walk into your bathroom with you right now, would your toothbrush pass the test? “Which test?” you may be wondering to yourself. Well, there isn’t really an official one but there are certainly things you should (and should not) be doing to make sure this dental hygiene product is actually working… Read more »

Swelling: Normal Or Abnormal?

Sometimes, you’ll experience swelling to your gum tissue and it will be temporary and nothing to worry about. We might refer to this as “normal” because it’s not indicative of or going to lead to oral health problems or damage. Then, there’s inflammation that is abnormal, which means that it is a sign that something… Read more »

Fluorosis: A Friendly Quiz

You may hear a lot of rumors about fluoride. The good news is that if you’ve spoken to us about fluoridated toothpaste at all, you know that it’s not toxic unless you choose to eat an entire tube in one sitting, that it’s perfectly safe for daily use, and that it’s actually essential in the… Read more »

3 Embarrassing Questions About Dental Hygiene

We know that there are many questions you feel perfectly comfortable asking us. For instance, asking if you should use a particular type of toothpaste is easy enough to bring up during a visit. However, inquiring about things that make you cringe a bit or that you think you should already know may require a… Read more »

Myths Versus Facts: How’s Your Daily Brushing Method?

When you feel like you know what you’re doing with your dental hygiene, caring for your oral health with confidence is easier than you might imagine. However, when you’re spending time considering whether something you hear is a myth or is a reality, things can start to feel a little overwhelming. For now, you can… Read more »