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Q&A: Hygiene In Strange Locations!

For the most part, dental hygiene is pretty straightforward. You stand in your bathroom, you brush and floss in front of your sink, and then go you along on your merry way. However, sometimes, brushing and flossing may take an interesting turn when you find yourself in other locations. So, you may wonder to yourself,… Read more »

2 Things Making Hygiene Seem Impossible

Do you find that when you’re practicing your dental care at home, it’s very rough to make it through? You have nothing against performing your dental hygiene, of course. Instead, your problem is that you cannot seem to do so without ending your session feeling like it’s more and more impossible each time. What seems… Read more »

Why Does Dental Care Seem So Hard?

Do you ever wonder why dental care seems so hard to accomplish? Then, do you notice that just about everyone out there is brushing and flossing but nobody seems to be complaining much about it? Perhaps you are missing something, you realize. Maybe you are making your care more difficult than you acknowledge but you… Read more »

Dental Care: Think Like A Kid

Sometimes, you may find yourself in a bit of a rut when it comes to your personal dental care. You notice that you basically have to force yourself into the bathroom just to brush your teeth. Then, you stare at your floss debating whether or not to go through with it. This is no good!… Read more »

Sugar Quiz: About That Sweet Tooth

Whether you have a serious sweet tooth or just enjoy indulging in desserts now and again, you may feel that sugar is your biggest enemy. While it’s certainly not good for your oral health, that doesn’t mean you’ve necessarily sized this ingredient up correctly. To make sure you have a realistic understanding of sugar and… Read more »

Kids And Flossing Resistance: Where To Begin?

Of course, it’s possible that your little kids will love flossing their smiles when you are all in the bathroom performing your dental hygiene routines together. Though we hope things work out so swimmingly for you, we also know that resistance to flossing is also a big possibility. So, what should you do when this… Read more »

Control Cavities With Consistency

You might feel like controlling cavities isn’t something that anyone can do. Does it seem like whether or not you end up with tooth decay is steered by cosmic forces? Are you never really sure whether you’re headed toward a clean bill of oral health when you see us or if we are going to… Read more »

3 Things You’re Missing With Home Care

You might be missing some details with the care that you’re performing in your bathroom. Of course, we don’t think you’re intentionally sabotaging your dental hygiene. Instead, we think you may be unintentionally cutting corners or that you simply don’t realize you’re literally missing spots. When you know what you may be doing wrong, it… Read more »

Mouthwash Notes From Your Family Dentist

Mouthwash can be a touchy subject. It can be a part of a healthy dental hygiene routine, but it is rarely absolutely necessary to good dental health. For most of us, there is not a single “right” mouthwash answer. There are prescription mouthwashes and mouth rinses, that combat specific conditions. If you dentist or orthodontist… Read more »

Toothpaste Concerns: 3 Easy Answers

Like anything else having to do with your teeth, toothpaste can elicit some concerns. Are you using the stuff you should be using? Are there risks you’re unsure about (and are those weird rumors you keep hearing true at all)? How about how much to put on your brush? We know that it seems like… Read more »