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Flossing, Brushing, And Why You Can’t Stop Rushing

Do you find that when you’re through with your dental hygiene at home, it’s almost as though you just ran a marathon? Is your heart often beating quickly? Do you feel like your blood pressure just skyrocketed? In case you weren’t aware, brushing and flossing aren’t supposed to be something that you speed through! They… Read more »

Your All-Day Checklist For Safe Teeth And Gums

Have you ever thought about your entire day as it applies to your smile care? If you are like many patients that we see at our Southlake, TX practice, you may instead tend to get through your methods of oral health protection minute by minute. Fortunately, when you consider taking a bit of a step… Read more »

What To Do When You Notice Bleeding Gums!

There’s something that you’ve heard about before and that can be a symptom of underlying gum disease (or not!). It’s bleeding gums. When you notice at any given moment, whether during eating or brushing your teeth, that your gum tissue is bleeding, you may wonder what the appropriate response is! Are you always supposed to… Read more »

Necessary, Helpful, Exceptional: Optimizing Your Dental Hygiene

Surely there must be a way to know just what you need for your dental hygiene, how to ramp things up a bit if you’re feeling like you could use a little more help, and then what to do when you’re just feeling like going over-the-top with some added luxury. Well, if you didn’t already… Read more »

Your Massive Toothbrush: 3 Dangers You’re Overlooking

Are you using a very large toothbrush? It’s often easy to determine whether you’re using a large brush because, as you purchase this dental hygiene item, you’ll notice that it’s bigger than the other brushes on the aisle. It might have a pretty big head. It may have extra bristles or extra rubber pieces meant… Read more »

3 Things You’re Getting Wrong About Electric Toothbrushes

Have you always thought it might be cool to use an electric toothbrush but somehow, actually purchasing one and using it has never come to pass? Are there some details you don’t know about this type of oral health product and, as a result, it ends up preventing you from actually following through with giving… Read more »

Improve These Things For Enjoyable Flossing

When you want to enjoy your flossing, or at least feel neutral about it, rather than sort of strongly disliking it (to put things delicately), well … you may feel like there’s nothing you can do. You might assume that as a collective, society tends to simply hate flossing. The truth is, lots of people… Read more »

Pregnancy Gingivitis: What’s The Deal?

Along with all of the other changes you experience while you’re pregnant, some you may never have even heard of before, there’s something that can affect your oral health: You may hear it referred to as pregnancy gingivitis. It doesn’t mean that you’re taking horrible care of your smile. To the contrary, you may be… Read more »

Your Little One’s Smile: A Couple Helpful Milestones

You may find yourself asking questions, such as when you should start brushing your child’s teeth. Then, you may wonder if the day you begin brushing should be the same day you start to floss that adorable little smile. Then, of course, more questions follow. To get you started out on some introductory details for… Read more »

Mouthwash: Reasons To Switch To Alcohol Free

If you’re someone who uses mouthwash that contains alcohol, you may find yourself wondering about this ingredient from time to time. Might it be better to pick up a bottle of rinse that doesn’t include alcohol? To get you started on determining whether an alcohol free mouthwash is indeed better for your oral health, we… Read more »