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3 Things You’re Actually Saying When You Don’t Floss

When you’re not flossing, it’s an active decision to not pick up a container of dental floss, tear off a strand, and clean between your teeth as part of your daily dental hygiene. You may think of this as something you just don’t really want to do and, as a result, you don’t consider the… Read more »

Ways You’re Damaging Your Enamel

You want to keep your dental enamel safe, so you brush and floss! You want to keep it clean and free of stains, so you are thoughtful about the toothpaste you choose. You want to be careful about the things you drink, so you avoid sugary beverages. These are all good starts. However, if you’re… Read more »

Brushing Your Teeth: Reminders Everyone Needs

You may feel like if you need any type of reminder for your dental hygiene, you must really be hitting rock bottom with your home dental care! After all, brushing and flossing is something that even kids learn how to do! However, our Southlake, TX team reminds you that from time to time, everyone could… Read more »

Gum Health: Super Easy Steps For Protection

Guess what? Even though taking care of your gum health might seem like a really big deal and something you have no idea how to approach in the grand scheme of things … it’s all actually very simple. It’s so easy, in fact, that our Southlake, TX team can summarize the majority of the preventive… Read more »

Flossing: Let’s Go Through A Single Session!

When we ask you how your flossing is going, you may shrug and respond with something like, “Just fine!” However, our Southlake, TX team really wants to know how it’s unfolding. Do you feel like you’re heading through this part of your dental hygiene with great ease and confidence? Or, do you sense that something… Read more »

Getting “Plugged In” With Smile Care

There’s an awful lot of talk these days about being “plugged in.” We’re online, we’ve got advanced technology, we are checking in with social media … it’s a big part of our culture! So, why not apply the notion of being “plugged in” to your dental care? What might you be missing out on in… Read more »

Things You Think Get You Out Of Having To Floss (But Don’t!)

You know, based on what our Southlake, TX team has always told you regarding dental hygiene that you have to floss once a day. We have explained that when you don’t floss, plaque (and debris) builds up between teeth. Then, it can harden and cause some serious issues for your oral health. Though you’ve got the… Read more »

Dental Care And Toxicity: Frequent Questions!

When it comes to toxicity and dental care, remember, of course, that our Southlake, TX team’s goal is to help you maintain your oral health and overall health, not to harm it. Then, there’s the fact that we are following the very same guidelines we set forth for you, so that your smile can remain… Read more »

Plaque: Important Details You Really Should Know!

Have you heard of plaque? The likely answer to this question is, “Yes, of course!” Now, our Southlake, TX team asks, how much do you know about plaque? If you are looking around and shrugging your shoulders a bit because to be honest, you know plaque is bad but you don’t really know much more,… Read more »

Right Or Wrong? Your Common Toothbrush Questions!

While you are probably spending most of your energy focusing on the details of your dental hygiene sessions as it applies to your technique, you may look up one day and realize you’ve got some toothbrush questions! You may wonder if all of that hard work you’re putting into caring for your oral health is… Read more »