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Two Simple Dental Hygiene Tips for Stubborn Children

Do you ever read parenting advice magazines or blogs and find yourself wondering who in the world has children that well behaved? Sure, you love your kids, but in addition to being cute, smart, and loving, they’re also excitable and stubborn, especially when it comes to routine behaviors like cleaning up a mess or caring… Read more »

Go Coconuts for Cavity Research

Coconuts are usually thought of as a tropical treat, but it is Irish scientists who have focused on the oil from coconuts as a possible powerhouse in dental health. The researchers from Athlone Institute of Technology zeroed in on coconut oil in relation to cavities. As it turns out, coconut oil holds compounds which inhibit… Read more »

Surprising Causes of Bad Breath

Most people are familiar with the foul smell of morning breath, but aren’t sure why it occurs. They might also be confused if their bad breath continues throughout the day, even when they haven’t eaten anything strong, like garlic or onions. While sugarless gum and fresh-smelling mints can temporarily improve your bad breath, they won’t… Read more »

Be Better with Your Toothbrush

Practice makes perfect, even with your toothbrush and floss. While you may have learned the skill long ago, cleaning your teeth can become monotonous after a lifetime of daily repetition (at least twice, according to the recommended daily schedule). Mindlessly brushing your teeth might cover most of their surfaces, but the spots you miss might… Read more »

Tread Lightly with Overly-Sensitive Teeth

Your teeth have a certain personality, with their own unique characteristics that are largely shaped by your daily hygiene routine and habits. Ideally, your teeth should be the strong, silent type, quietly going about their business without making much fuss. If one of them hurts considerably, then your toothache might indicate a developing dental issue… Read more »

The Molecular Battle for Your Teeth

Your smile looks great! It’s bright, it’s shiny, and it’s free of cosmetic blemishes, like stains and discoloration. Yet, every day, your teeth fight a battle against usually-unseen forces that threaten to destroy them. Fortunately, modern dental hygiene products and techniques are designed to aid your teeth in their fight, either by strengthening them or… Read more »

How Does Baking Soda Clean Teeth?

If you’re low-maintenance, then you’re probably familiar with the many uses of baking soda. More formally known as sodium bicarbonate, baking soda has been a home remedy and household product for ages, and even today, it still serves a multitude of purposes, from cleaning your house to cleaning your teeth. Its unique nature makes baking… Read more »