Category: Dental Hygiene

What Could Persistent Bad Breath Tell You?

Does your morning breath seem to hang around longer than it should? Besides the fact that it’s embarrassing, persistent bad breath could be more of a nuisance than you might realize. As one of the most common dental symptoms, bad breath could indicate a number of different issues, from poor hygiene to an underlying health… Read more »

Why Do Dentists Recommend Fluoride?

Chances are that you’ve heard of fluoride’s benefits to your oral health. After all, the mineral can be found in most major toothpaste brands and other dental hygiene products, and has been added to United States municipal water supplies since the mid-1900s. If you’ve ever been at risk for tooth decay, your dentist may have… Read more »

Make Sure to Brush Your Teeth the Correct Way

Hopefully, you know by now that brushing and flossing your teeth is more than important—it’s vital to keeping your smile healthy and whole. However, you may not realize that how you brush your teeth is as important as the act itself. Do it wrong, and you may be harming your smile more than helping it…. Read more »

4 Tips to Prevent Toothaches

If one or more of your teeth have ever hurt, you might have wished that there was something you could do to prevent toothaches. The truth is, you usually can. Most cases of tooth sensitivity are due to conditions that result from inadequate dental hygiene, like weak tooth enamel (the protective outer layer of your… Read more »

Celebrate 4th of July Without Worrying About Your Teeth

In a couple of days, we’ll once again celebrate the birth of our great nation with a myriad of Independence Day festivities. Most will include a fireworks show to close the night with a bang, but before the sun sets, many people will also celebrate the holiday with lots of food and lots of fun…. Read more »

How Well Do You Care for Your Toothbrush?

Did you know that, even if you brush your teeth twice a more a day, inadequate care and storage can render your toothbrush ineffective, and perhaps even a liability? As it sits on your sink, in a cup or tucked into a toothbrush holder, your toothbrush can collect a large number of microscopic organisms. Besides… Read more »

Stop Bad Breath in Its Tracks

There’s no denying it, there’s no hiding from it, and when it decides to stick around, there’s no ignoring it—bad breath is embarrassing. Though not a dental issue itself, bad breath can signify a number of things, from something as harmless as a pungent meal to something as serious as a chronic systemic disease. While… Read more »

Why Does Your Breath Smell?

If you eat, breathe with your mouth open, or you just aren’t consistent when it comes to your dental care, you might have bad breath, or halitosis. This can be a once-every-so-often situation, or it could be persistent, depending on what the cause is. Generally, most people wake up with “morning breath,” which is considered… Read more »

Could Your Hygiene Routine Use Some Guidance?

Good dental hygiene is an ongoing endeavor, and while brushing and flossing your teeth is the main tenet of good hygiene, keeping your smile healthy may be a bit more involved. The purpose of your daily dental hygiene is to prevent the onset of destructive dental diseases, which are typically the result of excessive dental plaque… Read more »

Keeping your Toothbrush Safe from Germs

Germs. They’re everywhere. If we really thought about how prevalent germ infestation is in the world, we’d probably all want to reside in a safe bubble. Your toothbrush is one place where germs like to congregate. At any given moment, various yeasts, Staphylococci, intestinal bacteria and even fecal germs might be found on the bristles… Read more »